Guide To First Rebirth – A Hero’s Destiny (Level 0 – 20k)

This guide is about to show you your first rebirth in A Hero’s Destiny. 

LEVEL 0-50

Criminals / Dr. Crab/ Head of steel

So when you first start, do the criminals quest like three times. 

Then do crab till level 50, or you can also try the head of steel (if you are stronk).

100- 200k strength max agility(1M)

Next up, you will want to get max agility. It only takes about 1-2 hours worth of macro that’s pressing Z. During this; you will also get 100k -200k str. 

Sea monsters/ sea king- 750k strength

After you have gotten max agility, you should be good for most things. You can also use the grass to bait sea monsters. And for the sea king, use long-range. If you are doing esper, you have to put most or all the points into stamina.

Bug queen /phoenix/ vaccine man 1.5 mil strength

For mosquito girls, it is best to stay far away, or you can try and get close without dying. And if you have any friends, they could bait the boss for you. 

Along with bug queens, they can also do vaccines and phoenix. 

They are a bit harder than bug queen, but it should not be hard if you use far range. 

Or if you can manage to get someone to help you or bait the boss. For a beetle, you can fly high, so he can’t hit you. And leave a macro on that spams your moves. 

Spike / Beetle 7 million strength

For spike, if you are solo, you just have to go far. But if you’re with someone else, you can have them bait it. And with any flying class, it’s easy.

Pogos / Spike 20 – 30 mil strength

Pogos form 1, and 2 are easy, but for form 3 is just far range.

When he has 10% hp left, he will go into 3rd form. And it will get half of its health back. 

Haired baldy/pogos 60- 100m strength

Baldys are pretty hard. Since using far range is the best for bosses that you can’t tank. 

Psyko/ Baldy/ Pogos 150 mil strength

For psycho, you can get an alt and let it bait or always use far range. Also, by now, you should be level 12k – 15k.

Bahiri / psycho 300 mil strength/ level 20k

Finally, there is bahiri, which you can fly above. The swords are easy to fly around. You want to grind him/psycho until you can rebirth. Anyways, that is pretty much how to get to your first rebirth easily.

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