Secret Technique to Use Eject Button in Pokemon Unite

In this guide, you will learn the secret techniques to use the Eject button in POKEMON Unite. It will provide you with all the tips and tricks to use the Eject button.  

You can unlock this button by reaching trainer level 11. The Eject button has a great advantage; if you want to reach quickly to any particular area, or when your health is low, and you want to run from the opponent to be safe, then you can use this button.

To use it, you have to aim in the direction where you want to eject and then release it. You can also use this button to cross the wall. When you use this button, you will teleport from one area to another, and if any pokemon doesn’t have the eject button, he will have to walk around the wall to get there. And if your health is low and you are running from the opponent, you will get an advantage by crossing the walls using this button.  

You can only use the eject button where the wall is thick; otherwise, you will not cross the wall, and maybe get eliminated.  

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