Where Do I Find Tin or Bronze in Albion Online?

This guide will let you know where you can find Tin or Bronze in Albion Online.

When you start your adventures in Albion Online, you may need to mine some tin ore, or perhaps you have to make the bronze bars. In order to do that, you have to press M to open your world map.

The problem is not every biome type contains metal ore for mining but there’s a cluster containing tin ore within one zone of every starting town on the world map.

You have to click on nearby highland mountains or step clusters.

But not the forests or swamps because there is no ore in these areas.

At the top of the cluster map, you will find the type and tier of resources available in that cluster.

As the Tin is tier 3 ore, so you have to find a cluster that has tier 3 ore.

If you are in a cluster that is tier 3 but there are no tin nodes, then you need to try to check the other end of the map in the starting areas. It happens sometimes a zone contains only copper which is tier 2 on one side of the cluster but there will be tin on the other side of the map.

The tin ore looks like this, as it is a kind of pale blue or lavender-like.

You can combine tin ore with copper bars to create bronze bars using any smelter.

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