How to Be a Pro at Minecraft Dungeons

In this guide, you will get to know how you can become a Pro at Minecraft Dungeons. There are many suggestions and recommendations in the guide below. You can become a Minecraft Dungeons pro in no time if you follow all these recommendations.

There are many hidden chests in Minecraft Dungeons for you to find. These chests contain some useful items like emeralds, expendables and some beneficial weapons. Sometimes it is easy to find these chests, but it is extremely difficult to look for them as you cannot get them until you reach closer.

Secondly, it is recommended to pick up every useful thing you see in the game as Minecraft Dungeons has a huge inventory of things. Even if you get a lower level gear, then you can trade it with emeralds.

After that, it is highly possible to wear the higher level gear possible as it will allow you to handle the mods much easier and complete harder difficulties with ease, and the mobs will drop higher level gears. 

Moreover, it is advised to replay the missions again and again to achieve better gear, and you will not be able to get unique pieces of the loot if you play the mission just once.

The higher difficulty levels you play, the more chance you will have to get highly useful gears. Another useful recommendation for you is to use your map in the game often. You can find the map by pressing the d-pad for the console and hitting the tab if you are playing the game on the PC. 

You can get the full visual experience of all levels through the use of maps. As you further progress in the game, you will be able to unlock various merchants, and you will then use your emeralds to buy gear at these merchants.

It is recommended not to save your merchants too much, and whenever you find useful gear in the game, you should use your emeralds to buy it. The next recommendation is to unlock all the secret missions in the game in this way; you can get a chance to get unique gears that will be useful for you in the game.

If you are using your map quite often in the game, then it is highly likely that you will explore all the secret missions. Another important thing is that whenever you find a pedestal, then pick it as it will unlock many secret missions for you.

Once you get to the Blacksmith, it will provide you with the facility to upgrade your gear without losing it. 

The final suggestion is to play Minecraft Dungeons with your friends as Minecraft Dungeons allows you to play with around 2 to 3 friends, and your game experience will increase in this way. You will likely become a Minecraft Pro after following all these recommendations.

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