Black Desert Online: Witch Guide

The most important points in the game which are worthy of consideration are the priority skews for easy leveling, PVP skews, and group support. Priority skews for easy leveling come first followed by two other points.

Magical Arrow

You will automatically learn this skew at the start of the game, and for the first few levels, it will be your main DPS skill. It is used primarily for finishing monsters and pulling off or finishing low help targets. My advice is that if you want to save some mana, keep this skew at number one until other important skills max out.

Ability of Sculptor’s Response

This is one of many skills that you will learn at the start of the game, and with the course of time, and as you make progress in the game, it will become one of your strongest skills in the game. The design behind the earth’s response can be used to spawn or knock down the ability of the person in front of you. Again, my advice for this skill is that you keep on using it until you finally get a better one.

Other Basic Skills

Bound to your action key is your staff swing, in case, you feel the need to hit things with the pimp cane. The main function of this skill is not the damage, but rather the mana regeneration. Bound to your F key is dagger staff, but unless you roll the wizard just to prison shank people, this skill also doesn’t see much use. The default dodge skill for a wizard is to avoid. The only thing it uses is stamina, but the stamina cost can also be reduced at higher ranks.

Second Mobility Skill

Your second mobility skill is the dimensional movement, a short range teleport boost that provides a movement boost after use. Higher rank increases its range and puts it for cool down. This seems pretty low, but keep in mind that because of this skill, the cast time can be interrupted. Bound to your right key is the magic arrow. As this is the most effective skill that you can use in the game, it gives you the extra benefit of attacking while you are moving.

Because of this, you will be able to move in all directions, and it will train your stamina. It has an extra ability as well, for instance, it can be used to fire power balls on your enemy.

It also allows you to shoot a bunch of arrows together inflicting a ton of damage on the enemy, but it needs to be put on your hotkey bar to be used.

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