Skullgirls Tier List

Skull girls is a fighting role playing game. Skull girls have many different characters. All of them are female characters. Some characters are downloadable, you can download them after making some progress in the game. You can make a team of up to three characters to start the fight.

You can start a fight by picking two characters or even a single character. All the characters of the game are customizable and upgradable. Every one of them possesses some special moves which you can use with different button combinations. This will provide an ultimate damage to the opponent fighter and you can win the fight. There are various playing modes in Skull girls. One of them is Versus mode. In this mode you can fight online with the players sitting all around the world. Skull girls is a 2D game that can be played on PC as well as mobile phones. This is supposed to be the best game of its kind. You can download Skull girls anytime from Google play store or Apple app store for free.

The characters of the Skull girls game are categorized into four groups.

The leading character in the group S is Ms. Fortune. She is a very innovative fighter. She uses her head to beat the competition. The main heroines in group S are Double and Parasoul. Parasoul is the leader of the military squad. They are the solid picks. The top characters in group A are Cerebella and Filia. They are very energetic and good performers. The leading heroine in group B is Valentine. Players hesitate to pick them up.

Tier S

Ms. Fortune

Tier A


Tier B


Tier C



Double is a monster look-a-like female character in the Skullgirls game. She has the ability of shapeshifting during the fight that makes her a very useful character in different situations of the game. Double can shift herself into another weapon or character. And she can attack like them after shifting herself. Double hits the opponents and then shifts back into her original form. This is a very rare ability in the entire game. 


Parasoul is a female character and she is the leader of an elite military squad. She plays an important role of allround defense in the Skullgirls game. In addition to her defense, Parasoul has got some great ranged attacks to counter the opponents that provide serious damage to them. The super skill of Parasoul allows her to track the enemies located on the game map and then hit them with lusty blows. All these abilities combine to make Parasoul a great utility player. 


Cerebella is a bruiser type attacking character who hits the enemies with lethal combos. She has got two giant and very muscular arms on her head and she uses them to perform different attacking skills. She is considerably a slow character but her damaging attacks turn out to be a game changer in the battles. Additionally, she can also block the attacks coming from opponents. The Hammer Toss move of Cerebella allows her to completely minimize the attacking effects of enemies.

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