Idle Heroes Tier List

Idle heroes is a RPG strategy game. You can build your own heroes in the game. You have to train them to fight the battle. You can leave your phone idle for sometime and when you come back you will see the trained heros. They would have gained all the skills and abilities to fight in the battle. Over 200 hundred heros are in the idle heroes game. You can train the heroes of your choice.
You can play the Idle heroes in multiplayers mode. You have to kill all the enemies to get the continent. Idle heroes is a very interesting game.

We have categorized the characters in six groups S, A, B, C, D & F.
The top heroes in the group S are Skerei and Garuda. They are the attackers in Idle heroes. They are literally the best heroes in the game. Players pick them on the first choice.
The main heroes of Group A are Amen-Ra and Aspen. Amen-Ra plays the role of support and Aspen is the attacker. They are the second pick after the first group players but they got all the skills to win you a fight.
Some heroes from Group B are Aida and Amuvor. Both heroes are attackers. They are real team players and provide great support.
Two characters from Group C are Aidan and Badee. They play the role of attacker. These characters are good to some extent of the game but not towards the end of the game.
The top heroes from Group D are Elyvia and Rose. They are the supporters. They are good enough. Just keep them in your team, they may be useful someday.
The main characters in Group F are Oberon and Kamath. They are not very strong, so the players don’t pick them much in their game.

Tier S

HeroRoleBonus Status Effects
SkereiAttackerEnemy Attack Reduction
Heart WatcherSupportEnemy Attack Reduction
Can triple your damage output (Max)
SigmundAttacker / SupportBurn
Enemy Armor Reduction
Enemy Block Reduction

Tier A

HeroRoleBonus Status Effects
Amen-RaSupportCan negate damage and convert it to healing
Das MogeAttackerBleed
Additional 80% Bleed damage
GerkeSupportBoosts Holy damage and heals the party
NakiaSupport / AttackerBleed
Enemy Speed Reduction
Additional 80% Burn damage

Tier B

HeroRoleBonus Status Effect
BareaAttackerEnemy Armor Reduction
BelrainSupportBoosts the party’s attack, speed, and healing
Chance to remove status effects inflicted to party while healing
CarrieSupportChance to remove enemy energy
Dark ArthindolAttacker
EmilySupportBoosts party’s attack up to 50%
Boosts party’s speed
GustinSupportDebuffs enemies and cures party status ailments
KroosSupportBoosts party damage
Heals party with a chance of replenishing energy
Enemy Crit Chance Reduction
Enemy Crit Damage Reduction

Tier C

HeroRoleBonus Status Effect
GrooSupportEnemy Armor Reduction
Enemy Attack Reduction
Enemy Crit Chance Reduction
Enemy Attack Reduction
King BartonAttacker
MihmAttackerEnemy Armor Reduction
Enemy Attack Reduction
OrmusSupportCan heal allies with low HP. Useful in a pinch, but chances are low so it’s not reliable.
Enemy Attack Reduction

Tier D

HeroRoleBonus Status Effects
ElyviaSupportCan heal allies
Provides attack boosts to allies and attack reduction to enemies
RosaSupportGrants low attack and a defense boost to party
VesaSupport / AttackerHas continuous healing. The healing isn’t that impressive.

Tier F

HeroRoleBonus Status Effects
KamathAttackerEnemy Armor Reduction


Skerei is a mage attacker from the Abyss faction who possesses great skills and abilities to take the enemies down. The Death Ray ability can target all the enemies with a Lightning mark and provide them with a damage upto 114%. Skerei can increase his crit rate and HP with his Insect Armor skill. His bonus effect is the enemy stat reduction that is vital in the context of the game. 

Heart Watcher:

Heart Watcher plays the role of assassin in the Idle Heroes game. Her passive ability, Weakness strike allows her to attack two enemies at the same time and provide them 110% of the damage with the help of watcher mark. The active ability of Heart Watcher is called Mind Torture, she deals 25% damage to two enemies and it also decreases their attacking abilit upto 255. No enemy is able to escape from the watcher mark and they can’t dodge this as well. Heart Watcher also has the ability to increase her HP, Crit rate and damaging effect. 


Sigmund is a support hero and a great damage dealer in the PVE battles. With the active skill, he can start the bombardment of flames on the enemies and damage three enemies, he can also decrease their armor and block upto 30%. His passive skill is called burning pain, every heat will decrease 24% armor of the opponents and als burns them. After decreasing their armor and blocks, your team will be able to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemies. Sigmund is one of the bts characters in the PVE battles but he is not very good when it comes to PVP battles, he is considered weak in that particular area.

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