Epic Seven Tier List

Epic Seven is a RPG fantasy game. It is a 2D version game with best graphics. There are so many characters in Epic Seven with thousands of stories. 2D Graphics of Epic Seven enhance the screen layout. Epic Seven is available for free on Google Play Store.
You have the control of all the characters that can be used in stories and to explore the land.
You have to kill the opponent’s boss. This game can only be played on android version 6.0 or above. You can challenge the players all around the world for battle or you can challenge your fellows in Epic Seven game.

We have categorized the characters in three groups S+, S, A+.
The main characters in Group S+ are Arbiter Vildred and Charles. They have got the best skills in the game and are known to be the best characters in Epic Seven.
Some characters from Group S are Assassin Cartuja and Cidd. Their battle skills are just little below than the upper group but they play an important role in the context of the game.
The top characters in group A+ are Angelic Montmorancy and Adventurer Ras. You can reach the game end with these heros but in a harder way as they are a bit weaker.

Tier S+

CharacterWorldAbyssBoss HuntRaidArenaGuild Wars
Arbiter Vildred1099.59.51010
Seaside Bellona991091010
Ruele of Light8.598.59.51010
Martial Artist Ken99.589109.5
Specter Tenebria8.5999.59.59.5
Briar Witch Iseria8.5989109.5
Fallen Cecilia8988.51010
Judge Kise98899.59.5
Silver Blade Aramintha98.59998.5
Sol Badguy99.5109.57.57.5
Little Queen Charlotte88.58.589.59.5
Elphelt Valentine8998.589
Maid Chloe8888.59.59
Remnant Violet7.58889.59.5
Apocalypse Ravi7.58.57899.5
Specimen Sez87.
Baal and Sezan88.58.5888
Dark Corvus77871010
Faithless Lidica7.587.5899
Holiday Yufine87.58898
Blood Moon Haste777.
Ambitious Tywin77.577.598.5
Desert Jewel Basar77.57.57.598
Sage Baal and Sezan7.587888

Tier S

CharacterWorldAbyssBoss HuntRaidArenaGuild Wars
Auxiliary Lots8.598.59.51010
Challenger Dominiel9.599.51099
Blood Blade Karin9.578.58109.5
Blaze Dingo98.588.58.59
Crimson Armin7.598999
Assassin Coli88799.59.5
Shooting Star Achates78.5899.59
Celestial Mercedes87.5989.58.5
Champion Zerato88107.58.58.5
General Purrgis7.579899.5
Kitty Clarissa8.58.57.598.58
Shadow Rose7.589.5898
Assassin Cidd7.588898.5
Assassin Cartuja8887.58.58.5
Guider Aither97.59977
Watcher Schuri7.57.587.599
Crescent Moon Rin887.5888.5
Fighter Maya77.5788.510
Sinful Angelica77.57.57.599
Wanderer Silk88.57888
Free Spirit Tiera7.57.57888.5
Benevolent Romann7766.58.58.5
Kizuna AI77.587.577
Tempest Surin77677.57.5
Troublemaker Crozet6.576677.5
Roaming Warrior Leo66.555.566

Tier A+

CharacterWorldAbyssBoss HuntRaidArenaGuild Wars
Angelic Montmorancy999.598.58.5
Adventurer Ras7.58.59.597.58
Commander Lorina8.5989.577.5
Falconer Kluri88.58.58.588.5
Chaos Sect Axe7.58.588.588.5
Mascot Hazel8.5998.577
Researcher Carrot8.588.5888
All-Rounder Wanda7.58.588.57.58.5
Mercenary Helga7.58.588.58.57.5
Righteous Thief Roozid78788.58
Chaos Inquisitor77.5777.58.5
Captain Rikoris7.578777.5
Church of Ilryos Axe777.
Taranor Guard778777
Kikirat V266777.58
Butcher Corps Inquisitor466655
Taranor Royal Guard656522

Arbiter Vildred:

Arbiter Vildred is a top tier strong and a versatile hero. He plays an important role in every context of the game and has both offensive and defensive abilities. With the Sweep skill, Arbiter Vildred can attack two enemies at the same time. The Dark Contract ability allows him to revive 70% health after receiving a lusty blow. When Vildred’s Focus and Combat Readiness are both on 100%, then he becomes ready to execute his ultimate.

This can occur once every 5 turns. The ultimate skill of Arbiter Vildred is Dark Blade that attacks all the enemies causing massive damage and also decreases their hit chance for 2 turns. If any enemy is killed with the Dark Blade ability, its cooldown is reset so that you can use it one more time. The weaknesses of Arbiter Vildred is his low base Defense which makes him vulnerable to all heroes who have extinction ability but still he is very handy in the game.


Bellona is a female earth ranger character in the Epic Seven game. She attacks the enemy with a fan, the damage caused is equal to the enemy’s maximum health. If the caster’s stacked focus is over 5 then she will lose her focus and activate the razorwind fan. Bellona can also attack the enemies by waving a fan. The more the enemy numbers, the higher the damage she will make.

She has the ability to counter all her enemies by creating a powerful gust of wind. There is a 65% chance to decrease their defense for two turns. With the Burn effect, the damage will be increased. But it will take some time for a cooldown that is six turns. Bellona is a beautiful and strong character for PVE action and she is very significant for PVP as well because of her AoE Defense breaker, she can blow the monster and their bosses. She is a very good and useful character for the new players.


Ruele of Light is a Soul Weaver, very useful for both PvE and PvP. Key to an Oath skill attack, a single target can cause some damage and it can also heal an ally with the lowest health at the same time. Damage is increased proportionally to Ruele’s Maximum Health and the healing is increased proportionally to the ally’s maximum Health. The Light Pillar ability has a 3 turn cooldown. This ability helps Ruele of Light to dispel all the debuffs on the target allies, restores the health, and grants a barrier for 2 turns. 

The ultimate ability of Ruele of Light  is Light Ascending which has a 5 turns cooldown. This ability revives one dead ally with full health and grants Invincibility for 1 turn. And all the debuffs on living allies are removed and they are granted invincibility for 1 turn. This ability is very important in PVE and PVP that gives a huge benefit to the players.


I. Overview 

HYufine is a 5 star, Fire Warrior. She is purely made to counter Basar, one of the most common and hard to play against units in the game. With her skill set, she is mostly used in PvP, but can sometimes be useful in some PvE (like farming fodder).

Holiday Yufine


1. PROS 

– Very strong against Basar

As we all know, Basar is an incredibly powerful unit on both offense and defense and actually, he doesn’t have a direct hard counter. His strength comes from his S3 which can strip your team’s Immunity, push your team’s CR back, and randomly stun with Abyssal Crown.

But with HYufine, her kit is specialized as a hard counter to Basar. Her passive increases her Evasion by 50% at full Health. With elemental advantage (+50% evasion), Basar will always miss when he opens, so his strip and CR pushback will not be applied. Her S2 also reduces the effect of his pushback to 15% on the rest of your team, and her S3 will allow her to push her team forward by 20%. With Immunity, she will not get stunned by Basar’s Abyssal Crown. Her S3 cleanses two debuffs on her team, so all the stuns and unbuffable that Basar applies will be completely removed.

– Insane anti-CR pushback unit

With her passive that reduces the effect of pushback CR, HYufine is not only counter Basar but also very useful when fights against CR pushback units like Dizzy, Lilias, ML Romann, or A.Cidd/S.Tene

– AoE S1 with Burn effect: Her main power lies in her S3 and passive, but she also brings some AoE damage in her S1 as well. It applies Burns and does not suffer the elemental disadvantage. Her S1 has 60% chance to apply 1turn Burn. This is respectable damage, especially considering her S3 gives her a Greater ATK buff

Her AoE S1 is also very effective when used with some artifacts. She can provide some good AoE damage with Junkyard Dog or AoE RnG stun with Champion Trophy.

– No Single target skills. 

HYufine doesn’t have any single target skills. All of her skills deal AoE damage which would be bad when fighting against some units like ML Ken, Charles, or counter Dizzy. And she can’t trigger a Dual attack on her turn when using her S1. 

– Evasion buff only at full Health 

Her Evasion buff is really useful. If anything tries to attack her, they have a 50% chance to miss. But this buff is only at full Health, so HYun fine needs to pair with units who can provide barriers like F.Ceci, Diene, Ray, or Angelica

These barriers can let her take advantage of her S2 increased evasion chance at full Health which gives her a lot of extra tackiness.

Not really useful outside of PvP vs Basar 

While her kit is extremely centered around countering Basar, she is not really useful outside of PvP against Basar. Her cleansing is not as strong as dedicated cleansers though and the CR push is also not as good as dedicated CR pushers. Her specialty and probably the only thing people will be using her lies in being direct counter to a Basar. HYufine is only good for offense, so if people start not using Basar in the defense team, she will also no longer be used much.

1. Damage Dealer with Junkyard Dog 

Speed/Immunity with %ATK Neck, %ATK/Effectiveness Ring and SPD Boots. Sub stats: SPD > ATK > Effectiveness > HP/DEF 

Stats requirement: 210–240 SPD, 3k5+ ATK, and highest Effectiveness/HP/DEF as you can. With this build, since she gives Greater ATK buff, her Burns can deal some pretty nice damage. But this is a bit riskier since she needs a good SPD/ATK and maybe Effectiveness, so it is really hard to build her tanky enough to avoid being killed too fast.

2. Tanky Support with Champion Trophy 

Speed/Immunity with %HP Neck, %HP/Effectiveness Ring and SPD Boots. Sub stats: SPD > HP/DEF > Effectiveness > ATK 

Stats requirement: 210~240 SPD, 16k+ HP, 1k2+ DEF, 80+ Effectiveness. This is a pretty huge damage loss on S1 with this build. But with her tankiness and high Effectiveness, she has a high chance to survive and landing debuffs, especially the Stun from her own artifact. And since she has high Speed, she has incredibly high disruption potential over the course of a long fight.


If you have enough bookmarks, a limited unit is always worth pulling. The real question is, is artifact worth pulling for? 

The Champion Trophy is a great artifact but it is used pretty much only on HYufine. You still have more than 1 week to get it. But if you did not get it, it’s not that bad either. 20% chance to Stun is good, but 50% chance to deal 6-7k damage Burn with Junkyard Dog is not bad.

Epic Seven – LUNA BUILD


1. PROS 

– One of the strongest Single-target DPS units in the game. 

– Lower gear C.Rate and ATK gear requirements. 

– S3 gives Element Advantage attack and Defense Break. 

– Gets tanky when below 50% Health and does more damage when above 50% Health. 

2. CONS 

-She’s a limited unit, so hard to get. 

– No AoE attacks. 

– Her power is greatly influenced by RNG from S1.



First, I have to say that she is one of the reasons not only me but many others play this game. Luna is an Ice Warrior, a half-Dragon, a half-Human knight with generous looks. She is a very strong unit, but not like the OP tier. She is just a pure Single-target DPS with a Defense break debuff. She doesn’t bring much utility but a lot of DPS.



Her strength comes from her S1 – Infinity Slash. This skill’s multi-hit mechanic may allow the skill to hit up to 210% of her ATK, the same power as some soul-burned S3. 

Only some strong Single-target DPS like A.Coli, Sez, Chloe, or Emperor Gunther have higher multipliers than Luna. 

Her S1 also reduces her S3 cooldown, but at a random number of turns. The reduced turn will be equal to the hit number of S1. 

This means that terrible luck can lead to terrible results of her damage.

Her S2 – Dragon Knight’s Will – is a passive that gives

30% C. Rate and ATK when she has above 50% Health, thus lowering the gear requirement for her to reach her full damage potential.

It means she only needs 70% C.Rate to get her to crit all the time and 55% C.Rate against Ice enemies. It makes you concentrate to get the highest ATK and C.Dmg for her. 

It also provides 30% Defense and decreases the chance of suffering a critical hit by 30% when she has lower than 50% Health. But it doesn’t bring much effect, since her Defense base stat isn’t really high.

Her S3 – Ragnar Spear – has a Defense break and always attacks with Element advantage. It means if she has maxed S3, she only needs 55% C. Rate to crit and land Defense break debuff on even Earth units with her S3. This skill also has a high base multiplier as well, it allows her to be useful in some PvP offense teams. It also makes it harder for her to be bait when she is used in the defense team because she will use her S3 on random enemies

Her imprint with %C. Rate is also useful for her allies. This kit helps her to become a very versatile single-target DPS that can be used in various areas of the game. She shines in Wyvern, Raids, Abyss, and also in some PvP offensive teams as well.

Her Ice element will cause her to be stunned by the Boss every turn if you don’t have Immunity buffing your team. Her S3 can give Element an advantage attack, but it doesn’t mean that she will be a good choice for Golem.

2. Wyvern 11 

That’s the place that makes her shine the most.

Hits! She’s everyone favorite’s DPS for Wyvern thanks to very forgiving gear requirements from her S2 and multi-hit from S1. She only needs a 55% C. Rate so you can get the highest ATK and C.Dmg as you can. She can also become Defense Breaker, one of the few candidates that can let you do Wyvern 11 with a 3-man team once your gear becomes really good, allowing you to bring fodder for leveling.

3. Banshee 11 

With high damage output and a Defense break, she can be a good choice for Single-target DPS for this Hunt if you don’t have any good Earth DPS unit, or she can be a Defense breaker in the one-shot team. But Luna doesn’t have any AoE skills, so if you want to use her in Banshee, you still need another AoE DPS to pair with her.

4. Azimanak 11 

Not a good place for Single-target DPS like Luna. If you want to use her in this Hunt, you will need very strong AoE DPS to keep killing eggs asap in the boss stage. Then, Luna can nuke the boss. But I still don’t suggest you use her for this Hunt, just use AoE DPS to do it easier.

5. Raid and Abyss 

Element advantage and high damage make her a good DPS unit for Raid and Abyss. She can do all Normal Raid Bosses, both Hell Raid Bosses and even Abyss 90. But her morale is very bad. So if you’re looking for a high morale team for auto Raid, she’s not a good choice.

To be honest, Luna isn’t a top-tier unit in PvP.

With the current PvP meta, her only role is the damage dealer who can shoot important enemy threats or core units of the enemy team. But like every other DPS, Luna is squishy even though she has sustained with her S2. So, she should be Speedy to ensure that she is able to take her turn before the enemies can take advantage of her lower survivability. Best team comp to pair with her obviously Ise-Tama, 50% CR from Tamarinne is enough to pull even the slowest Luna to the front. Her S1 can deal high damage and reduces her cooldown faster. Kitty Clarissa, Tamarinne, or Lilias can become her best partner. Luna can be used in the Defense team (prefer Guild War Defense) because her S3 has Element advantage, so she can’t be baited by a Fire tanky unit and can one-shot anyone at her first turn.

V. Build

For PvE: Speed or ATK/Crit with %C.Dmg Necklace, %ATK Ring, %ATK or Speed Boots.

If you want to use her in Wyvern, she needs at least 55% C.Rate, 55% Effectiveness, and around 160-180 SPD, but if you use a Soul Weaver with Idol’s Cheer to tank, 1 30 SPD is enough for her.

Stats Priority: 

%C.Dmg > %ATK> SPD > %Effectiveness =%C. Rate 

Artifact: Joker Daydream 

Skill Enhanced Priority: She deserves to +15. You can S3 +4 first, then Max S2 > Max S1 > Max S3

For PvP: Speed/Crit with %C.Dmg Necklace, %ATK Ring, SPD Boots.

Even with Ise-Tama, you still need some SPD for her. Her role is one-shot killer, so don’t need much Effectiveness, just get enough 70% C. Rate and highest ATK and C.Dmg as you can. 

Stats Priority:

%C.Dmg > %ATK> %C.Rate > SPD > %Effectiveness 

Artifact: Uberius’s Tooth > Portrait of Savior > Exorcist Tonfa > Hell Cutter 

Skill Enhanced Priority: Max S2 = Max S3 > Max S1

VI. Should you pull her? 

Yea as I said, she’s not an OP tier unit. 

But she’s a top-tier single-target DPS unit, a reliable Defense breaker, and a BIG WAIFU. There is no reason to skip her unless you already own her.

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