Marvel Strike Force Tier List

Marvel Strike Force was released in 2018. All the original characters are inclued in the Marvel Strike Force including superman, batman, spider man, iron man and many more.. You have to make your strongest team by picking up the characters. Some characters are available for you to pick right at the start of the game while some are there as locked characters. As you make progress in the game, you will get points and rewards and then you can unlock these locked characters. Marvel Strike Force gives you a feature to customize your favorite characters.

After forming the best squad you have to fight with a deadly enemy who wants to destroy this world completely. Your team of super characters should stop him from doing so or the world will end. You have to battle against them. This battle may consist of 5 characters, 5 versus 5 characters. Kill the enemy with your squad.

Marvel Strike Force is supposed to be the best Marvel Universe game ever made for mobile phones. It is the top rated game of its kind and available on Google play store and Apple app store for free to download. The visuals and sound effects of Marvel Strike Force are just Amazing.

The characters of the Marvel Strike Force game are categorized into five groups.

The top characters in the group SS are Asgardians and X-Men. They are real dominant characters who can dominate the arena every time they fight. The leading characters in the group S are Supernatural and Marauders. They are very solid picks. The main characters in the group A are Guardians of the Galaxy and Power Armor characters. They are capable of providing extensive damage to the opponent. Few of the top characters in the group B are Sinister Six and Hero Brawlers characters.

Some characters in the group C are Hydra and Hand. Players don’t bother picking them.

Tier SS

Black Order

Tier S

Shield (Fury + Minions)
Kree (Ultimus + Non Minion Kree)
Spider Verse
Fantastic Four

Tier A

Guardians of the Galaxy
Power Armor
Shield (Non Minion)

Tier B

Sinister Six
Hero Brawlers
Kree (Ronan + Minions)

Tier C

Wave 1 Avengers
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