Arm Wrestle Simulator Pets Tier List

Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator is a physically demanding game. Your journey begins in the gym, where you’ll lift weights and undertake various exercises to enhance your character’s strength and physique. As you strengthen your character, you’ll be able to enter the thrilling world of arm wrestling.

All the pets in Arm Wrestle Simulator come with unique abilities, so picking the right pet is very important. Our pets tier list will let you know which pets are the best or strongest and which ones are less competitive.

S Tier pets

The S Tier pets are the most overpowered pets in the game, and they can significantly impact the competitive aspects of gameplay. 

Hollow Dominus, Ninja Kraken, Spark, Lumo Boxer, Squeek, Lumo Dog, Sneak, Blaze, Haven Overseer, Ultra Serpent, Lumo Sheep, Lumo Cat. 

A Tier pets

A Tier pets are often some of the best options available to players.

Phoenix, Hollow Dragon, Neutrino, AT- 10, Beef 10, Grime, Ravage, Cool Crab, Evangilo, Ninja Squirrel, Proto, Alpha, Alto. 

B Tier pets

B Tier pets are considered one level below the A Tier pets but are still very effective within the game. 

Raid 99, Cowrider, E-1, King Trident, Rex, Rustie, Bolt, Thunder, Spike, Welder, C- 7, Hooky, Hollow Croc, Robo Shark, Queen Trident, Venti, Cutlass, Spiky Halo, Ascent, Pearl.

C Tier pets

C Tier pets are typically less effective, or more limited in their capabilities compared to pets in higher tiers. 

Coin, Dermite, Magnus, Vanguard, Tetra, Coco, Fang, Calypso, Raffia, Sun Deer, Moon Owl, Barkley, Sour, Poison, Tide, Crimson, Moon Bat, Moon Spider, Ruby, Kelp, Drifter, Rogue, Scaler, Octopus, Brutus, Pinky, Sun Rabbit, Solar Dog, Sun Bull, Halo Dog, Halo Cat, Ninja Parrot, Ninja Panda. 

D Tier pets

D Tier pets are generally considered the weakest or least effective pets in the game. 

Robo Axolotl, Robo Parrot, Summer Cat, Leviathan, Hollow JellyFish, Robo Cat, Spooky, Quasar, Monkey, Robo Elephant, Hollow Cat, Toxic Hydra, Flame Beast, Orca, Parrot, Halo Guardian, Ninja Yeti, Axeli, Unicorn, Cat, Dog, Water Mage, Grass Mage, Wolf, Arctic Fox, Elephant, Deer, Squirrel, Cow, Mouse, Penguin, Astra, Shark, Magic Mage, Tiger, Slime, Bear, Fox.
We have covered every pet in our guide, so that is all there is to say about the Arm Wrestle Simulator tier list.