Epic Summoners Tier List

Epic Summoners 2017 is a role playing battle game which was released in 2017. There are many hero characters available in the game. You have to make the best and strongest team of the heroes to battle against the enemies. After making the team, you have to train the team in order to enhance their fighting skills and abilities. This would be an auto battle in which the characters of your team will automatically attack the opponent with the help of artificial intelligence.

You just have to start the battle, sit back and enjoy the performance of your team. This battle will be held in a fighting arena. You have to make a complete team strategy before entering into the battle. You also have to explore the area to find equipment which will be helpful during the battle. You can start a fight with the player sitting all over the globe. Defeat them and earn big rewards.

Epic Summoners can be played in offline mode as well. You can download the game for free from the Google play store or Apple app store. Epic Summoners is one of the best and top rated role playing games that can be played on cell phones.

The characters of the Epic Summoners are categorized into five categories.

The most highlighted characters in the group S are Asura and Faerie Dragon. Heroes in this tier are very good in all contexts of the game. They have very powerful skills that are far better and useful compared to other heroes. The leading heroes in the group A are Akantor and Hell Gate Keeper. These characters have got great team-up combos to counter the enemies.

The most prominent characters in group B are Barbarian King and Black Disaster. They can be a good addition into your team. The main characters in group C are Abyss Lord and Ancient Tree. These heroes are not as strong as you would like to. Some heroes in group D are Axe King and Bahamut. These characters are not recommended by the players.

Tier S

HeroPowerHealthAttackTier List
Faerie Dragon160,193477,58678,633S
Jiang Shang146,602418,68574,642S
Night Fury137,129381,52471,579S
Nine Tailed Fox145,215395,36077,289S
Vast Sea Spirit139,734401,90592,246S

Tier A

HeroPowerHealthAttackTier List
Hell Gate Keeper116,098402,19666,366A
Horror Clown134,912416,82063,410A
Night Daughter117,693402,40161,128A
Tree Dozer – F1117,895405,60569,849A

Tier B

HeroPowerHealthAttackTier List
Barbarian King111,776323,86056,054B
Black Disaster112,520404,76354,113B
Black Dragon111,799414,88554,625B
Blade of Flames138,217493,33351,301B
Blood Hunter140,507509,41353,721B
Bone Dragon124,225408,91454,050B
Dark Emperor154,762622,02459,419B
Dragon Hunter108,985392,27054,080B
Earth Prophet117,739520,82757,978B
Great Sage
Equalling Heaven
Ice Crystal Phoenix152,735554,07859,813B
Immortal Zombie146,931524,27357,469B
Justice Angel140,625485,13357,577B
Light Wizard120,774389,72053,709B
Monkey King105,454362,43556,081B
Night King107,607391,32552,827B
Nine-headed Dragon116,462339,48758,247B
Oblivion Dragon124,896473,78459,484B
Trump Card Pilot138,840495,81254,115B
Wind Knight115,013441,73750,944B

Tier C

HeroPowerHealthAttackTier List
Abyss Lord153,805660,91941,284C
Ancient Tree129,030627,41243,554C
Bow Punisher116,752420,34244,565C
Captain Hook114,500427,68341,025C
Crystal Lion151,686622,46145,369C
Death Envoy111,284372,65047,396C
Destroyer – F4124,327473,67943,323C
Fire Leader111,789400,64043,246C
Hawk Eye120,424452,21142,888C
Ice Queen122,293443,12646,055C
Ocean Breaker103,880347,84444,242C
Plague Envoy125,061446,68448,640C
Punk Fists116,914413,36846,098C
Spirit Queen114,943392,76947,396C
Storm Daughter119,489434,08145,067C

Tier D

HeroPowerHealthAttackTier List
Axe King157,656773,76426,906D
Battlefield General121,788676,12729,320D
Bloody Hand141,483970,19727,826D
Crazy Crocodile138,434625,76829,232D
Death Clock130,294857,28329,893D
Deep Sea Titan166,8451,172,37133,814D
Fire Wing137,348667,77723,942D
Furious Lion135,637782,21036,540D
Guardian F2135,317632,40827,547D
Scorpion King127,257511,56939,931D
Wild Hammer121,925693,66931,023D

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