Lethal League Blaze Tier List

Lethal League blaze is an action fighting sports game which was released in 2018. This is the second part of the Lethal League game. In Lethal League blaze you have to select your characters to start a one on one fight against your opponent. That would be a ball fight. You will be located in a fighting arena and you have to attack the opponent using the ball. You can use different techniques and tactics to hit the enemy with the ball.

Your character will have special moves to throw the ball on to the opposing character. The ball will gain speed on every hit so as the result the game will get difficult. There are several modes in the game including arcade, story and more. You can play any one of them at any time. In the multiplayer mode of the Lethal League blaze game, you can add up to three more friends with you to play the game.

The opponent will also try to hit you back with the same ball. You have got the dodging skills to protect yourself from his attack. You can unlock the locked characters and costumes as you make some progress in the game. Lethal League blaze is available to play on the PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The characters of Lethal League blaze are categorized in four groups.

The most highlighted characters in group S are Latch and Grid. These are literally the best fighters in the game. They can win you the battle any day. The leading heroes in group A are switch and Nitro. They are solid picks, you can pick them up.

The most prominent characters in group B are Sonata and Candyman. These characters perform well in some situations. The top hero in group C is Jet. This is the weakest of the lot.

Tier S


Tier A


Tier B


Tier C


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