Elsword Tier List

Elsword is an action multiplayer online role-playing game that was released in 2007 for the fighting game players all around the world. There are more than ten playable fighter characters in the game. You have the option to completely customize these characters. You can change their costumes according to your liking. And some of the costumes and player items are purchasable, you can purchase them after making progress in the game.

Every fighter comes with a background story and they have got the fighting abilities to take down the enemies. You can perform fighting moves by different button combinations or by the use of any gaming device. Elsword game provides you the player versus player mode. In this mode you can start to fight with the players sitting in different cities of the world. You can make a team of four players to counter the opponent’s team. You can also play the player versus environment mode.

In this mode you have to battle against the characters controlled by artificial intelligence. After winning the battles, there will be an increment in the level of your character and you will be able to unlock the locked player skills. Elsword is a 2.5D action role playing game that is available for you to play on the Windows PC.

The characters of the Elsword game are categorized into four categories.

The most highlighted character in group S is Add. He is tracer by nature and a very vital character in the game. The leading heroes in the group A are Eve and Elesis. Eve is a nasod by nature and Elesis is a Free Knight. The most prominent characters in group B are Aisha (Magician) and Rena (Ranger). The main characters in group C are Lu/Ciel and Rose. Lu/Cie is a demon and Rose is a Gunner character.

Tier S

CharactersBase jobTier List
Add Tracer50

Tier A

CharactersBase jobTier List
Eve Nasod25
ElesisFree Knight22
Chung Guardian19
Ara Little Xia17
Elsword Knight15

Tier B

CharactersBase jobTier List
Aisha Magician12
Rena Ranger11
Raven Taker10

Tier C

CharactersBase jobTier List
Lu/Ciel Demons9
Rose Gunner7
Ain God’s Agent5
Laby Mysterious Child2

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