Tokyo Afterschool Summoners Tier List

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners is a card role playing video game which was released in the year 2016 for mobile game players all around the world. This is a story-based game in which you have to battle against the enemies using the cards. This will be a turn based battle in which you can use the cards turn by turn. Every card in the game comes with strengths and weaknesses. As you proceed to the later parts of the game, your cards will gain experience and will become more powerful. And you can also get new cards by winning the battles.

You can win more battles when you have more powerful cards. So try to win battles as much as possible to gain experience and to get the new cards. Tokyo Afterschool Summoners is a very interesting card role playing game. The game is available for free to download on the Google play store and Apple app store. You must have a mobile phone with the android version of 4.9.6 or more to play the Tokyo Afterschool Summoners game.

The characters of Tokyo Afterschool Summoners game are categorized in eight categories.

The most highlighted characters in group SS are Aizen and Licho. Aizen blocks the attacks of enemies and Licho plays the role of great support. The leading heroes in the group S are Thunderbird and Surtr. Thunderbird is a damage dealer & Surtr is a healer character.

The most prominent characters in group A are Arsalan and Tangaroa. They both are all round heroes. The top heroes in group B are Hougen and Asterios. They have a massive role in the game. The main character in group C is Melusine and . Melusine has good positioning ability.

The highlighted heroes in group D are Alice and Amatsumara. The prominent characters in group E are Aegir and Babalon. Aegir is a Water Disruptive Supporter and Babalon is a Dark Healer. Some heroes in group F are Eita and Ifrit, they are not recommended.

Tier SS

AizenFireBruiser/Mixed SupportSS
ChernobogFireHealer/Offensive SupportSS
HephaestusFireGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportSS
HorusWorld Mixed SupportSS
LichoLightDisruptive SupportSS
ShinoAllBruiser/Defensive SupportSS
TyphonWaterGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportSS

Tier S

AndvariLightLight BruiserS
Arachne (3/4)InfernalShadow Disruptive SupportS
AstarteLightMixed Support/BruiserS
BaelInfernalMixed Support / Glass CannonS
DagonShadow Bruiser/Disruptive SupportS
Horkeu KamuyValiantTank/Defensive SupportS
JinnFire Glass CannonS
KijimunaWorldDisruptive SupportS
Leanan SidheWater Offensive SupportS
MotosumiLightDisruptive SupportS
Musashi (3/4)Neutral Glass CannonS
OseDark Disruptive SupportS
PolluxDark Offensive SupportS
Sanat KumaraShadow Glass Cannon/’Special’ SupportS
SurtrFire Glass Cannon/Disruptive SupportS
Surtr (3/5)Shadow Tank/Healer/Defensive SupportS
TadatomoFireBruiser / Defensive SupportS
Takemaru (3/5)Shadow Offensive SupportS
Thunderbird (3/4)Light Bruiser/Offensive SupportS
Wakan TankaWorld Bruiser/Tank/Offensive SupportS
ZabaniyyaValiantTank/Bruiser/Defensive SupportS
ZaoGrass Mixed Support/TankS

Tier A

Algernon(3)Valiant BruiserA
Algernon(4)Valiant BruiserA
AmatsumaraLight Offensive Support/BruiserA
Arsalan (3/4)GrassMixed Support/BruiserA
AsteriusDark Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportA
AzazelLight HealerA
Benten (3/4)Water Disruptive SupportA
CthughaFire BruiserA
DaikokuShadowDefensive/Disruptive SupportA
FenrirWater BruiserA
Gullinbursti (3/4)ValiantGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportA
GyumaoFire Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportA
HeraclesDark Glass CannonA
HougenValiant Glass CannonA
IfritLight Mixed SupportA
JiraiyaLight Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportA
KalkiDarkGlass CannonA
KentaGrassOffensive SupportA
KorpokkurWorld Offensive SupportA
KrampusFire Glass Cannon/Disruptive SupportA
LichtFire Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportA
Marchosias (3/4)Fire Tank/Defensive SupportA
MoritakaWaterBruiser/Mixed SupportA
Nekros & BacchusDarkGlass Cannon/Disruptive SupportA
Nekros & Bacchus (3)DarkGlass Cannon/Disruptive SupportA
NobuharuGrassMixed SupportA
OphionLight Glass Cannon/Healer/BruiserA
OrgusFireBruiser/Defensive SupportA
Orgus (3)FireBruiser/Defensive SupportA
RobinsonNeutral Glass CannonA
RyotaGrass Healer/Offensive SupportA
SethWaterDefensive/Disruptive SupportA
SitriGrass Mixed SupportA
SnowWater Healer/Defensive Support/TankA
SnowAether Glass CannonA
TadatomoDarkGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportA
Tajikarao (3/5)GrassBruiserA
Takemaru [Christmas]FireBruiser/Offensive SupportA
TangaroaWorld Mixed Support/BruiserA
Tangaroa (3/5)Grass Healer/Defensive Support/Glass CannonA
Tanngrisnir (3/5)LightDefensive SupportA
TetsuyaDark Glass CannonA
TezcatlipocaWorld Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportA
TojiWater Bruiser/Defensive SupportA
Toji (3/4)WaterBruiser/Defensive SupportA
Triton (3/4)Water Defensive SupportA
TsukuyomiShadow Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportA
VolosValiantHealer/Offensive SupportA
YasuyoriGrass Bruiser/Offensive SupportA
Yasuyori (3)Grass Bruiser/Offensive SupportA
ZabaniyyaFire Glass CannonA

Tier B

Ahab (3/5)WaterBruiser/Offensive SupportB
AsteriosLightGlass Cannon/BruiserB
Barguest (3/4)DarkTank/Offensive SupportB
Breke (3/4)WaterBruiserB
Choji (3/4)FireHealer/Defensive SupportB
ClaudeWaterOffensive SupportB
Cu SithGrassDefensive SupportB
DuoLightMixed SupportB
FenrirDarkBruiser/Offensive SupportB
GunzoLightGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportB
GyumaoNetherOffensive Support/HealerB
Hakumen (3/4)FireDefensive SupportB
Hougen (3/4)GrassBruiser/Glass CannonB
Ibaraki (3/4)FireGlass CannonB
IkutoshiFireGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportB
JugoFireGlass CannonB
KagutsuchiGrassHealer/Defensive SupportB
KengoLightGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportB
Kijimuna (3/4)GrassTank/Offensive SupportB
Kimun KamuiFireMixed SupportB
KotaroWaterDefensive SupportB
Krampus (3/4)Grass (3), DarkGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportB
KuniyoshiDarkBruiser/Disruptive SupportB
KuroganeGrassBruiser/Mixed SupportB
LeibGrassDefensive SupportB
MoritakaFireBruiser/Offensive SupportB
NomadWater BruiserB
OniwakaValiantTank/Mixed SupportB
Robinson (3/4)DarkGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportB
Seth (3/4)ValiantDefensive SupportB
ShennongValiantHybrid SupportB
ShiroLightOffensive SupportB
ShutenWater Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportB
ShutenLightBruiser/Offensive SupportB
Temujin (3/4)GrassGlass CannonB
TetsuoxGrass Glass CannonB
TetsuyaLightDefensive Support/HealerB
The HeroLightGlass Cannon/HealerB
TomteNeutral Healer/Offensive SupportB
TsathogguaLightTank/Healing SupportB
Wakan Tanka (3/5)GrassBruiser/Offensive SupportB

Tier C

AgyoWaterDefensive Support/TankC
AizenLightTank/Defensive SupportC
AliceDarkDefensive Support/Glass CannonC
AlpDarkDisruptive SupportC
AshigaraLightGlass CannonC
BabalonGrassOffensive SupportC
BalorValiantDisruptive Support/BruiserC
BehemothDarkGlass CannonC
ChristineNeutralDisruptive SupportC
ClaudeFireOffensive SupportC
DedDarkGlass Cannon/Disruptive SupportC
DurgaShadowGlass CannonC
EchoGrassDisruptive SupportC
FurufumiGrassDisruptive SupportC
GabrielFireGlass Cannon/HealerC
GandharvaWaterGlass Cannon/Defensive SupportC
GoemonFireDefensive/Disruptive SupportC
Horkeu KamuiWaterDefensive Support/TankC
JacobWorldGlass CannonC
JinnFireGlass CannonC
KalkiLightGlass Cannon/Defensive SupportC
KotaroFireGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportC
KyumaFireGlass CannonC
LucifugeDarkDisruptive SupportC
MacanFireBruiser/Disruptive SupportC
MakaraWaterTank/Defensive SupportC
MariaWoodGlass Cannon/HealerC
MelusineWaterGlass CannonC
NobuharuGrassOffensive SupportC
NyarlathotepGrassBruiser/Disruptive SupportC
OzGrassGlass CannonC
R-19LightOffensive Support/Glass CannonC
ShiroFireHealer/Disruptive SupportC
ShiroDarkDisruptive SupportC
ShuuichiGrassDisruptive SupportC
TaromaitiLightBruiser/Mixed SupportC
Taurus MaskFireOffensive Support/Glass CannonC
TedaValiantGlass Cannon/Offensive SupportC
TetsuoxDarkGlass CannonC
VolosGrassOffensive Support/HealerC
XolotlGrassHealer/Defensive Support/BruiserC
ZaoGrassBruiser/Mixed SupportC

Tier D

AliceDark Disruptive SupportD
AmatsumaraFire Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportD
AndvariDark BruiserD
ArcFireOffensive SupportD
ArsalanDark Bruiser/Defensive SupportD
AzathothWorldGlass Cannon/HealerD
BathymWater Offensive SupportD
BathymDark Glass CannonD
Cu SithDark BruiserD
DurgaFire Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportD
EbisuWaterHealer/Glass CannonD
EitaWater Offensive SupportD
GabrielLight HealerD
GanglieWaterTank/Defensive SupportD
HanumanFire TankD
HatiWater BruiserD
HombretigreGrassGlass CannonD
JambavanLight Healer/Defensive SupportD
KagutsuchiFire Healer/Glass CannonD
KuniyoshiGrass Disruptive SupportD
LichtDarkOffensive Support/Glass CannonD
MelusineFire Disruptive SupportD
MineakiWater HealerD
NezhaWoodGlass CannonD
PolluxLightTank/Defensive SupportD
ShinyaLightMixed SupportD
SitriFire Disruptive Support/Glass CannonD
SuzukaWater Disruptive SupportD
Taurus MaskGrassOffensive SupportD
YuleWater Healer/TankD

Tier E

AegirWater Disruptive SupportE
BabalonDark HealerE
GunzoFire Glass Cannon/Offensive SupportE
JiraiyaWater Bruiser/HealerE
KengoLight BruiserE
KentaDark BruiserE
MotosumiFire Bruiser/HealerE
RyotaGrass HealerE
SolGrassHealer/Defensive SupportE

Tier F

EitaWaterGlass Cannon(?)F


Aegir is a giant male attacker in the Tokyo Afterschool Summoners. He is a very powerful hero and really looks like a beast because of his strong muscular body. He damages the opponents with his devastating attacks and pushes them further back. Aegir provides 1.5x damage to the seafarer opponents of their total HP.. Aegir also has the ability to remove the buffs.


Chernobog is male character who comes with the element of grass. Chernobog plays the role of offensive support and a healer in the game. He has got the ability to freeze the hit units of the opponents that allow his team to beat them easily. He can also oppress the hit units, this is a very unique and useful ability. Chernobog can apply guts to himself if needed.


Hephaestus plays the role of glass cannon and offensive support in the Tokyo Afterschool Summoners game. Hephaestus possesses the skill to paralyse the enemies so they will become much more weak and vulnerable to damage. He can provide 1.5s damage to the mechaman opponents. Hephaestus has the ability to apply magic to himself and then he will become more damaging for the enemies.

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