Kirby air ride is a racing video game which was released in 2003. This is the newest addition in the Kirby game series that includes many vehicles from the previous parts of the series. In Kirby air ride, you have to race with the other characters in an air riding machine. Along with defeating the opponents in the race, you will be asked to complete some objectives. Once you complete a particular objective, there will be a tick mark on the checklist boxes. And you will be able to unlock the locked characters.

There are many game modes in the Kirby air ride. In the air mode, you will be able to select your character and the number of racing opponents to start the game. You will get more vehicle options as you make progress in the game. In the time mode, the racer who finishes the race first will be considered as the winner. In city trial mode, you have to collect the items on your way. With the help of these items, you will be able to upgrade your vehicle.

Kirby air ride game gives you the feature to play any mode of your choice. Kirby air ride is a popular and interesting racing game with millions of players all around the world. The game is available to play on the GameCube gaming console.

The characters of the Kirby air ride game are categorized into six categories.

The most highlighted characters in group S are Dragoon and Flight Warp Star. They are the best of the best racers in the game. The leading heroes in group A are Shadow Star and Hydra. You can pick them up as a replacement to S tiers because they are very good racers.

The most prominent characters in group B are Formula Star and Meta Knight. The main characters in group C are King Dedede and Rex Wheelie. They are just average characters. Some heroes in group D are Slick Star and Turbo Star. These heroes are below average. The highlighted hero in group F is Bulk Star, but this character is usually not picked by the players.

Tier S

Flight Warp StarS

Tier A

Shadow StarA
Wagon StarA
Swerve StarA

Tier B

Formula StarB
Meta KnightB
Wheelie ScooterB
Jet StarB
Warp StarB

Tier C

King DededeC
Rex WheelieC
Wheelie BikeC
Compact StarC
Winged StarC
Rocket StarC

Tier D

Slick StarD
Turbo StarD

Tier F

Bulk StarF

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