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Don’t Starve together is the second part of the Don’t Starve game which was released in 2016. This is a multiplayer adventure survival video game. Some new characters, features and enemies have been introduced in this part of the game. For example, if the character of any other player dies he will live again in the shape of a ghost. The game is presented in a dark kind of world, there is darkness everywhere.

You have to fight for your survival and explore this dark world. Collect the items that you find during the exploration and make new weapons and equipment with the help of these items. This would be very important for your survival. In addition to this you also have to find something to eat and drink because this is the basic necessity to stay alive. There are many dangerous monsters and animals out there, to deal with.

You have to protect yourself from them and do your best for survival. You can play the Don’t Starve together game online with your friends or other players all over the globe. Don’t Starve together game is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo switch.

The characters of Don’t Starve together game are categorized into four categories.

The most highlighted characters in group S are Wolfgang and WX-78. They are the best of the best, very easy to control and great team players. The leading heroes in the group A are Webber and Maxwell. These heroes will provide a real boost to your team.

The most prominent characters in group B are Woodie and Wilson. They are good characters, you can pick them up. The top heroes in group F are Wes and Willow. Players all around the world hesitate to pick these characters.

Tier S


Tier A


Tier B


Tier F


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