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One-piece bounty rush is a mobile game of the One-piece series that was released in 2018. It is a pirate looting battle game featuring all the original characters of the One-piece series. You have to make a team of four characters and go on to loot the treasures. You must make the strongest team of the pirates because every team member will play his role in the game. You will be the leader of this pirate team.

You will battle against the other pirates to loot the treasures. This battle will be held in the popular battle arenas of the One-piece series. You have to counter all the characters of the enemy and place your flag at the top of the treasure, which means that the particular treasure belongs to you. After this, the level and skills of your characters will increase. You can unlock the locked characters by making progress in the game.

One-piece bounty rush game, give you the feature to play the pirate leagues. It is the first 3D mobile game of the series, you can download it for free from the Google play store and Apple app. The android version of your mobile phone must be of 5.1.0 or more to play the One-piece bounty rush game.

The characters of the One-piece bounty rush game are categorized into three categories.

The most highlighted characters in group A are 30 Million Berry Bounty : Monkey D. Luffy and Arlong Pirates / Captain : Arlong. These are the best attacking heroes of the game. The leading heroes in the group B are 5ft Hammer : Usopp and Arlong Pirates / Officer : Choo. They are also very lethal attackers. The most prominent characters in group C are Alvida Pirates / Captain : Alvida (Defender) and Bounty Hunter : Johnny (Runner).

Tier A

30 Million Berry Bounty : Monkey D. LuffyAttackerRedA
Arlong Pirates / Captain : ArlongAttackerBlueA
Drum Kingdom / Former Ruler : WapolDefenderGreenA
Girl from Syrup Village : KayaDefenderBlueA
Navy HQ / Captain : SmokerDefenderGreenA
Red-Haired Pirates / Sharp Shooter : YassopRunnerGreenA
The Seven Warlords of the Sea : Dracule MihawkAttackerRedA

Tier B

5ft Hammer : UsoppAttackerBlueB
Arlong Pirates / Officer : ChooAttackerGreenB
Arlong Pirates / Officer : HatchanAttackerRedB
Arlong Pirates / Officer : KuroobiDefenderBlueB
Baratie / Head Chef : ZeffDefenderRedB
Baroque Works / Frontier Agents Ms. WednesdayRunnerBlueB
Black Cat Pirates / Former Captain : Captain KuroAttackerGreenB
Buggy Pirates / Captain : BuggyRunnerRedB
Climate Baton : NamiAttackerGreenB
Krieg’s Pirate Armada / Admiral : Don KriegDefenderGreenB
Krieg’s Pirate Armada / Battle Commander : GinAttackerRedB
Navy HQ / Master Chief Petty Officer : TashigiRunnerBlueB
Slip-Slip Fruit : AlvidaRunnerGreenB
Veau Vengeance : SanjiDefenderBlueB

Tier C

Alvida Pirates / Captain : AlvidaDefenderGreenC
Black Cat Pirates / Captain : DjangoDefenderRedC
Black Cat Pirates / Guard : ButchieDefenderBlueC
Bounty Hunter : JohnnyRunnerBlueC
Bounty Hunter : YosakuRunnerRedC
Buggy Pirates / Chief of Staff : CabajiRunnerGreenC
Chore Boy : KobyDefenderRedC
Mountain Bandits / Leader : Higuma the BearAttackerRedC
Navy Captain : MorganDefenderBlueC
Straw Hat Pirates / Archaeologist : Nico RobinAttackerGreenC
Straw Hat Pirates / Captain : Monkey D. LuffyAttackerRedC
Straw Hat Pirates / Combatant : Roronoa ZoloDefenderGreenC
Straw Hat Pirates / Cook : SanjiAttackerBlueC
Straw Hat Pirates / Doctor : Tony Tony ChopperRunnerRedC
Straw Hat Pirates / Musician : BrookRunnerGreenC
Straw Hat Pirates / Navigator : NamiRunnerGreenC
Straw Hat Pirates / Sharp Shooter : UsoppRunnerBlueC
Straw Hat Pirates / Ship Carpenter : FrankyDefenderRedC
The Idiot Son : HelmeppoRunnerGreenC

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