Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Tier list

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is the new installment in the Fire Emblem game series. This is the tenth game of the series. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is a role playing game being released in 2007. The game includes many original characters of the series. You have to make your army by picking up the characters. You’ve got the fighting abilities and magic skills to attack the enemies. The characters are also equipped with weapons like bows and arrows. You can form a bond between different characters of your army. After this they will fight as one strong unit in the battle.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn also features the enemies from the earlier parts of the game series. The battle would be a turn based in which you will be provided with equal time and opportunity to impose your attack on the enemies. The battlefield will be in a square shape. You will be located on one side of the square and enemies on the opposite side.

As you proceed to the later stages of the game, the level of your characters will increase. And you can level them up to 40. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is considered to be the best game of the series that is available to play on the Wii console.

The characters of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn game are categorized into three categories.

The most highlighted characters in group S are Altina and Bridal Micaiah. They both are flying characters and considered to be the best of the party. The leading heroes in the group A are Hoshidan Summer Elincia and Jorge. These are Infantry heroes. Both of them can be a very good addition to your team. The most prominent characters in group B are Bridal Sigrun and Mordecai.

Tier S

HeroWeapon typeMove typeTier
Bridal MicaiahColorless TomeFlyingS
Bridal NailahGreen BeastInfantryS
CaineghisColorless BeastArmoredS
DheginseaRed BreathArmoredS
Fallen IkeSwordInfantryS
Hoshidan Summer MicaiahRed TomeInfantryS
New Year LetheGreen BeastCavalryS
Pirate TibarnColorless BeastFlyingS
ReysonGreen BeastFlyingS
Summer MiaColorless DaggerCavalryS
TibarnRed BeastFlyingS

Tier A

HeroWeapon typeMove typeTier
Brave MicaiahGreen TomeFlyingA
Halloween MiaStaffFlyingA
Hoshidan Summer ElinciaGreen DaggerInfantryA
JorgeBlue bowInfantryA
LeanneColorless BeastFlyingA
Legendary IkeSwordInfantryA
LetheRed BeastCavalryA
MicaiahBlue TomeInfantryA
NaesalaBlue BeastFlyingA
NailahBlue BeastInfantryA
RafielBlue BeastInfantryA
RanulfGreen BeastCavalryA
YuneGreen TomeFlyingA

Tier B

HeroWeapon typeMove typeTier
Bridal SigrunSwordFlyingB
MordecaiBlue BeastInfantryB
OliverBlue TomeInfantryB
SanakiRed TomeInfantryB
SotheColorless DaggerInfantryB
Summer RhysStaffInfantryB

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