Endless Legend Tier List

Endless Legend is a fantasy strategy game which was released in 2014 for the game players all over the globe. The game is based in the fantasy world Auriga. There are a total of eight tribes in the game. You have to elect one out of them and you will be the leader of that particular tribe. You have to fight for their survival and try to set your own empire. You have to deal with every situation in this fantasy world including the weather that can be very severe.

In addition to this, you also have to explore the area in order to find the collectible items. You can make different tools and equipment using these items. Make homes and buildings for the people of your tribe to live in. You have to find resources for food and build new markets in Auriga. Make an army for your empire by picking up the people of the tribe according to their skills and abilities. This army can fight with the other empires when needed.

You will be asked to achieve many quests in the Endless Legend. You must complete them in order to win the game. After setting your empire, make relations with the other tribes and empires to start the trade. Endless Legend is a very popular fantasy strategy game that can be played on PC.

The characters of the Endless Legend game are categorized into five categories.

The most highlighted characters in group S are Drakken and Kapaku. They both are infantry units. The leading heroes in the group A are Necrophages and Wild Walkers. Necrophages have the skill to track enemies and Wild Walkers are very powerful frontline fighters.

The most prominent characters in group B are Broken Lords and Roving Clans. Broken Lords have the skills to attack and heal and Roving Clans are great melee fighters. The main characters in group C are Ardent Mages and Cultists. They are solid characters. Some heroes in group D are Forgotten and Mykara.

Tier S


Tier A

Wild WalkersA

Tier B

Broken LordsB
Roving ClansB

Tier C

Ardent MagesC

Tier D


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