Vindictus Tier List

Vindictus is a multiplayer online action role-playing game which was released in 2010. The characters in the game are divided into different classes according to their skills. You have the option to completely customize these characters. In the game, you will find yourself in an area that is under the control of evil forces. You have to work for the survival of the people who are still alive in this area because you are the last hope of these survivors.

In addition to this, you also have to take back control of the area from the evil forces. You have to explore this area in order to find the available treasures or money. While exploring, you have to face the dangerous enemies out there. There are also bosses with these enemies, you have to battle against them. You have got the defensive skills to protect yourself from their attacks. You will be able to block their attacks.

You can play Vindictus online with your friends or other players as a team and can earn many rewards by completing game challenges. Vindictus is a free to play action role-playing game that you can play on Windows PC.

The characters of the Vindictus game are categorized in two main categories.

Party Play:

The most highlighted characters in group S are Bow Kai and Eira. The leading heroes in the group A+ are Battleshade Lynn and Belle. The most prominent character in group A- is Cestus Karok. The main characters in group A are Greatsword Hurk and Longsword Fiona. Some heroes in group B+ are Hammer Fiona and Spellwhip Arisha. The highlighted heroes in group B are Crossgun Kai and Chainblade Vella. The prominent characters in group B- are Pillar Karok and Scythe Evie.

Solo Play:

The most highlighted character in group SS is Longsword Fiona. The leading hero in the group S- is Sword Vella. The most prominent character in group S is Grimden. The main character in group A+ is Eira. The highlighted heroes in group A are Battleshade Lynn and Greatsword Hurk.

Some heroes in group A- are Cestus Karok and Miri. The top characters in group B+ are Belle and Glaive Lynn. The highlighted heroes in group B are Bow Kai and Chainblade Vella. The prominent characters in group C+ are Staff Evie and Scythe Evie. The main character in group C is Sylas. The top character in group C- is Pillar Karok.

Party Play

Tier S

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier

Tier A+

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Battleshade LynnA+AA+A+
Glaive LynnSASA+
Spear LannA+AA+A+

Tier A-

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Cestus KarokAA-B+A-

Tier A

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Greatsword HurkSAAA
Longsword FionaB to A+*A+A+A
Spellsword ArishaAA+BA
Sword LannAAAA
Sword VellaC+ to A+*B+A+A

Tier B+

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Hammer FionaC+ to B+*AB+B+
Spellwhip ArishaC+ to B+*B+B+B+
Teide HurkBB+B+B+

Tier B-

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Pillar KarokACDB-
Scythe EvieBC+B-B-
Staff EvieBB-C+B-

Tier B

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Crossgun KaiBBB-B
Chainblade VellaSC+B-B

Solo Play

Tier SS

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Longsword FionaSSSSSSSS

Tier S-

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Sword VellaSAS+S-

Tier S

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier

Tier A+

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier

Tier A

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Battleshade LynnAAAA
Greatsword HurkA+AA+A
Hammer FionaAA+AA
Spellwhip ArishaAAAA

Tier A-

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Cestus KarokAA-BA-
Spear LannA+BA+A-
Spellsword ArishaAA+BA-

Tier B+

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Glaive LynnB+B+B+B+

Tier B

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Bow KaiBCA+B
Chainblade VellaBBC+B
Crossgun KaiBBBB
Sword LannBC+AB
Teide HurkBBBB

Tier C+

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Staff EvieBC+C+C+
Scythe EvieBCC+C+

Tier C-

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier
Pillar KarokADFC-

Tier C

CharacterS3 RaidsNeamhainBalorTier

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