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Awesomenauts is a popular multiplayer online battle game released in 2012. The name of the characters in the game is Awesomenauts, which means you have to pick 3 characters to start the game. Each character has unique fighting skills or special moves. Awesomenauts game gives you the option to customize your character. In the game you have to fight against the enemy and this fight will be held in the battle arena.

During the fight, your team and opponent’s team will have a solar collector. You have to protect your solar collector and try to destroy the opponents by killing all of their characters. You will earn solar in the form of reward for killing each enemy. With the help of this solar you can customize your character or improve some health points.

After winning fights you can unlock some more characters. You can play the Awesomenauts game with your friends in an online multiplayer mode. Awesomenauts is a free to play that you can play on your computer system, PlayStation & Xbox.

The characters of the Awesomenauts game are categorized into four categories.

The most highlighted characters in group S are Clunk and Derpl Zork. They play the important role of tanks in the game. The leading heroes in group A are Admiral Swiggins and Yuri. Admiral Swiggins is Initiator and Yuri plays the role of Support.

The most prominent characters in group B are Genji the Pollen Prophet (Supporter) and Voltar the Omniscient (healer). The main character in group C is Froggy G. Froggy G is a brawler character.

Tier S

NameHealthAttackRoleTier List
Derpl Zork195(225)Cat Shot \ GatlingTankS

Tier A

NameHealthAttackRoleTier List
Admiral Swiggins155 (185)Anchor Swing/Ink SprayInitiatorA
Coco Nebulon140(170)ShockHarasserA

Tier B

NameHealthAttackRoleTier List
Genji the Pollen Prophet135(165)Butterfly ShotSupportB
Voltar the Omniscient135(165)Healing WaveHealerB
Ayla135(165)Chain WhackBrawlerB
Leon Chameleon130(160)SlashAssassinB
Sheriff Lonestar130(160)BlasterPusherB
Vinnie & Spike130(160)Bubble GunAssassinB

Tier C

NameHealthAttackRoleTier List
Froggy G115(145)Bolt .45 Fish-gunBrawlerC

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