Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) Tier List

Mortal Kombat 11 is a fighting game. This is the 11th game in the Mortal Kombat series. It is a 2.5D game. In Mortal Kombat 11 new attacking features have been introduced like Krushing Blows. With Krushing Blows, you can give ultimate damage to the opponent.
Some new defensive features are also introduced. After blocking an attack of opponent, you will be given a few second time space to come back and attack.

There is an option of player customization in Mortal Kombat 11, you can customize your player as your liking.

We have categorized the characters into six groups S, A, B, C, D & F.
The top characters of group S are Cetrion and Erron Black. They both have zonner play style and are very brutal for the opponent. The main characters in group A are Cassie Cage and Liu Kang. Their play style is rushdown. They do better in almost every match they play.

Few characters from Group B are Kano and Braka. Kano is a grappler and Braka has a rushdown play style. They also possess high power.

The top characters from Group C are Fujin and Jade. They are little less in power than the upper group.Two characters from Group D are Frost and Kitana. They have zonner play style. Some characters from Group F are D’Vorah and Kolllector. D’Vorah is a grappler and Kolllector is a zoner. They are in the weakest group of characters.

Tier S

Erron BlackZoner
Sonya BladeRushdown

Tier A

Jax BriggsGrappler
Liu KangRushdown
Cassie CageRushdown
ScorpionRushdown (with good zoning capabilities)

Tier B

Jacqui BriggsRushdown
Kung LaoRushdown
Noob SaibotRushdown (with some zoning)
Shao KahnZoner

Tier C

Shang TsungRushdown
The JokerRushdown

Tier D

TerminatorRushdown (with some zone)

Tier F

Kotal KahnZoner


Cetrion is the most powerful character in the history of the Mortal Kombat game. She uses the water, earth, air, fire and light elements to attack the enemies and can even make new elements by combining some as them such as ice. With earth elements, Cetrion makes boulders and then throws them onto the enemies. Hell’s Wrath skill allows her to hit the enemies with a fire beam while flying in the air. With Tendril Pull, she sends tendrils towards the opponents that captures the leg of the opponents and then she fires up the tendrils to kill them. Cetrion is the most damaging character in the game, she will prove out to be a nightmare for the enemies any day. 


Geras is a very strong male character who becomes even stronger as the game progresses. His shoulder charges play an important role in the fights. Geras has the ability to pick his opponents up and throw them anywhere on to the ground which does a big damage to the opponent. And he can also summon a stone wall in the corner of the arena and can throw the enemy straight on to the wall. He has got a hammer to hit the enemies. Geras is a very strongly built fighter who is able to provide extensive damage to the enemies with his devastating moves. 

Jax Briggs:

Jax Briggs is a male character of the Mortal Combat 11 game. He is a really strongly built character who can crush the opponents in just a few blows. Jax Briggs forms a purple shock wave with his muscular power and then launches on to the enemies to deal a great damage. He can even shake the full battle arena with his powerful punch. With the Air Gotcha Grab, he can pick the opponent from his neck and smash them on to the ground which decreases their health points massively. In addition to this, he also has the ability to hit the enemies with non stop continuous attacks. Jax Briggs is a really lethal hero who can beat the most difficult fighters easily.

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