It’s time for some Mortal Kombat Cosplays!

Deadly Mortal Kombat Cosplays

Greetings gamers! Today you are all in for a treat as we highlight some heart-stopping Mortal Kombat cosplays that will make your jaws drop.

Waring we are not responsible for any fatalities.

[Character: Mileena Genderbend] [Cosplayer: Kelton]

Kelton is well known for creating very detailed original genderbends of his favorite characters. Starting out cosplaying at a young age, he’s done very well by making a name for himself inside the cosplay community. It’s a great privilege to acknowledge his awesome creations today.

We have to say Kelton’s cosplay is the best in show!

It’s super impressive to look at all the work that went into making his cosplay.

We got some sexy side action going on here, well done.


Next up, we bring you some of the hottest yet ice cold characters in the Mortal Kombat Series along with a few electrifying favorites.

[Character: SubZero] [Cosplayer: A2] [Photographer: Brian Humphrey Mad Scientist With a Camera]

[Characters: Sub Zero and Scorpion] [Cosplayers: AngelWingsAyane & Komadina of Commando Queens Cosplay]

[Character: Raiden] [Photographer: Brijcharan]

[Characters: Milena and Kitana][Photographer: Brijcharan]

[Character: Shaw Kahn] [Cosplayer: Drefan Cosplay] [Characer: Kitana] [Cosplayer: Khymichi]

[Kitana Cosplayer: Zyunka Muhina] [Sonya Blade Cosplayer: Okani]

[Character: Jade] [Cosplayer: Maki Roll’s Chop Shop] [Photographer: CoolSteel27]

[Female Raiden by Ellei Marie]

[Characters: Mileena & Jade] [Cosplayers: Unknown]

[Character: Kung Lao] [Cosplayer: Bilbo Swaggins of THAR Cosplay]

[Character: Jade] [Cosplayer: Dee Cosplay] [Photographer: Aaron Stallworth Photography]

Fatality Groups

Here you have the full line up for Thar Cosplay. Nicely done gentlemen.

Impressive group! Can you name all of these characters?

Can you name them all? [Photography by:Eurobeat Kasumi]

First we want to thank our readers for letting us know what cosplays to cover, you are all awesome. By the way, which mortal Kombat game is your favourite?

Also special thanks to all the amazing cosplayers in the post. We tried to credit all the cosplayers, but sometimes we couldn’t find their names.

We hope you enjoyed our cosplay lineup! Let us know if there are any characters you would like to see added to our list.

Now Finish Him!

That’s all folks! Come back soon!

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