Tales of Erin Tier List

Tales of Erin is an action role playing and a complete story based game. This game is designed with 3D graphics and animations. There are more than 80 characters in the Tales of Erin game for you to pick and clear the different levels of the story. All the characters are divided into different categories depending on their nature. The characters will gain skills and experience as the game goes on.

Every character of your army will be equipped with weapons to attack and counter the enemy. These weapons are totally customizable. There are some locked stages in the story. As you clear a chapter, new chapters will be added into the game. You can play the Tales of Erin game in multiplayer mode with your friends.

Tales of Erin can be played on both PC and mobile phone. You must have the mobile phone with android version of 4.0.0 or above to play the game. Tales of Erin is a top rated role playing action tactical game which is available on Google play store and Apple app store for free.

The characters of the Tales of Erin game are categorized into three groups.

The leading characters in the group S are Garcia and Hera. These characters are the best performers. You should pick them straight away. The most prominent heroes in group A are All Dark and All Fire. They are almost as good as the S tier characterS and they can prove to be a very good addition to your army. The main characters in group B are Darchess and Fremy. This group is supposed to be the weakest.

Tier S

Wu Lian

Tier A

All Dark
All Fire
All Light
All Water (except Sulasha)
All Wind

Tier B

All characters
Only obtainable through RoC
Wu Lian

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