Slap City Tier List

Slap City is a fun battle game being released in the year 2020. There are many characters in the game for you to pick. All the main characters of the Ludosity Universe feature in the Slap City game. You have to pick them up in order to fight with the enemies in different stages of the game. There are a total 32 stages in the Slap City game.

There is a multiplayer mode in the game, in which you can play online with up to four players. Or you can play the Slap City game offline as well. After winning the battle and clearing a particular stage, you will be awarded with points.

Slap City game gives you the option to play the slap ball game mode. In this mode, you and your opponent have to score a ball by throwing the ball in the opponent’s basket. The team with the highest number of goals will win the game. Slap City is one of the best and famous games being made with the Ludosity Universe characters.

The characters of the Slap City game are categorized into five groups.

The leading characters in the group S are Ittle Dew and Jenny Fox. They can win you the fight any day with their quick and powerful moves. The most prominent heroes in the group A are Flex Fish and Masked Ruby. They also have got great moves but are a bit more difficult to handle than the S tiers. The main characters in group B are Remedy and Ultra Fishbunjin. These characters have great reflexes.

The main character in group C is a Business Casual Man. He is not a very good performer.
The most prominent character in the group D is Princess Remedy. These characters are the weakest of the lot.

Tier S

Ittle Dew
Jenny Fox

Tier A

Flex Fish
Masked Ruby

Tier B

Ultra Fishbunjin

Tier C

Business Casual Man

Tier D

Princess Remedy

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