King of Fighters All Star (KOF) Tier List

King of fighters all-star (kof) is a mobile game based on the original characters of king of fighter series. This is a role playing action battling game which was released in 2019. All the characters of the king of the fighter universe are featured in the game. You can pick your favourite one to start the game. It is a story based game consisting of different chapters. Every chapter is a kind of competition in which you have to fight with the enemies and their bosses.

The characters have got classic and traditional moves as you keep watching in all the King of fighter games. You can also make a team of characters to play the game and you will earn some items on clearing every stage. There are characters from the other games series as well like Tekken and WWE.

King of fighters all-star (kof) is the best King of fighters game ever designed for the mobile phone game players. You can download the game for free from Google play store and Apple app store and fight with your classic favorite character.

The characters of the King of Fighters All Star (KOF) game are categorized into five groups.

The leading heros in the group S are Geese XIV and Jin Hoodie. They have great combo skills and healing powers as well. The most prominent characters in group A are Ash 03 and Haohmaru. These heroes are almost as powerful as the S tiers.

The main heroes in group B are Blue Mary 97 and Chizuru 97. They are just average characters. The leading heroes in group C are AK and Andy 98. Some of the heroes in group D are Chizuru 96 and Halloween Yashiro. They are not recommended by the players of this game.

Tier S

Geese XIV
Jin Hoodie
Mukai 03
Nameless 02
Omega Rugal 98
Orochi 97
Terry 03
Xmas Elisabeth

Tier A

Ash 03
Igniz 01
Jin Classic
Krizalid 99
Lady Chang
Nests Kyo XIII
O Iori 97
O Leona 97
O Shermie 97
O Zero 01
Sentai Clark

Tier B

Blue Mary 97
Chizuru 97
Fake Orochi
Goenitz 96
Halloween Xiangfei
K 99
King 94
Kyo 95
Lady Yashiro
Ling Schoolgirl
Mai 95
O Chris 97
O Yashiro 97
Summer K
Whip 99
Wonderland Yuri
Yuri 98
Zero Clone 00

Tier C

Andy 98
Brian 98
Halloween Kula
Kensou 99
Kula 00
Kyo 98
Mature 96
Ramon 00
Ryo 95
Sentai Ralf
Shermie 97
Summer Kula
Terry 97
Yuri 95

Tier D

Chizuru 96
Halloween Yashiro
Heavy D 98
Heidern 94
Maxima 99
Ryo 98
Takuma 98

Geese XIV:

Geese XIV is a red attack fighter in the King of Fighters All Star game. He is a very strong character who possesses excellent fighting skills. With his Shippuden EX skill, he provides 814% damage to the enemies and also reduces their movement and attack speed. So you can easily counter them up. The Raigo Reppuuken skill allows him to deal 1177% damage to his opponents, that is a massive amount of damage. In addition to these skills, Geese XIV has got the ability to increase the HP and power charge rate. 


Kazuya is a yellow balanced fighter in the game who deals damage up to 718% with his lethal strikes. And he can also increase his attacks up to 55%. The Spinning Demon to Left Hook skill of Kazuya allows him to provide 728% damage to the opponents. And this skill also helps him to get immune from the damage. So that he will not take any damage from the attacks of his enemies. 

Mukai 03:

Mukai 03 is a blue fighting character of the King of Fighters All Star game. He is a strongly built muscular hero who is very damaging for his opponents. Mukai 03 deals damage up to 570 to 636% using his ultimate fighting skills. Additionally, he restores the health of his blue allies. Mukai 03  is a very useful character as he plays an important role in the game and deals massive amounts of damage to the enemies.

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