Digimon Rearise Tier List

Digimon Rearise is a role playing video game that was released by Bandai Namco Entertainment for mobile phone game players all over the world. The game is made with original digimon characters and some new characters are being introduced for the very first time. There are many playable digimons in the game and the main digimon in Digimon Rearise is Herissmon. The game story is based on the friendship bond between digimon and tamers.

You can select Digimon and make a team of five characters to battle against the opponent. This would be a five versus five battle. You can download Digimon Rearise anytime for free from GGoogle play store and Apple app store and entertain yourself with a really interesting Digimon mobile video game.

The characters of the Digimon Rearise game are categorized into five groups.

The leading heroes in the group S are Creepymon and Piedmon. They are the best digimons in the game. Always pick them to build your best team. The most prominent characters in group A are Boltmon and Gankoomon. These digimons are very versatile and a good addition to your squad.

The main heroes in group B are Ebemon and Grandis Kuwagamon. They are good but not as impactful as the S and A tiers. The leading characters in the group C are MetalEtemon and Rosemon. Some of the characters in group D are Platinum Numemon and Prince Mamemon. These digimons are considered to be the weakest of the lot.

Tier S


Tier A

Mega Gargomon
Metal Garurumon
Noble Pumpkinmon
War Greymon

Tier B

Grandis Kuwagamon
Marine Angemon
Metal Seadramon
Shine Greymon
Venom Myotismon

Tier C

Metal Etemon

Tier D

Platinum Numemon
Platinum Numemon
Prince Mamemon


Creepymon is a Dark Demon Lord of the game who can immune his allies with poison and burn. His main skill is burning, he can burn all his enemies and can also recover the HP upto 500. Creepymon has the ability to provide damage upto 320% to two enemies at the same time. With his passive skill, he can protect his allies from the burn and poison and can increase his own power stats from 15 to 75%. If you are going to make a purple team, then Creepymon is the best possible choice for you because he will turn out to be a game changer in the most difficult fights because of his great skills. You can also pick Creepymon in any team combination because he has the ability to absorb massive damage.  


Piedmon is a tech type digimon character, having the ability to increase his self pinpoint rate upto 40%. With his main skill, he can provide 370% of damage to two enemies at the same time and can also bling the enemies. The sub skill allows Piedmon to deal 210% of the damage to three enemies and 50% chance to blind them. He can increase the self pinpoint rate with his passive skill. The defensive capabilities of Piedmon are also very excellent. The players can pick him up in the TAC team or the purple team to get the best out of him.


Machinedramon is a machine digimon, he can increase the counter attack upto 205% of all the allies with his passive skill. His main attacking skill allows him to deal 180% damage to the enemies. With the sub skill, Machinedramon can provide 260% of the damage to two enemies at the same time and also has the 55% chance to paralyze them. All these skills make Machinedramon  a very handy character who is capable of playing an important role in the team.

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