Injustice 2 Tier List

Injustice 2 game is based on the superheroes and villain characters of the DC universe which was released in 2017. It is a fighting video game featuring all the leading characters of the DC universe. Injustice 2 game gives you the feature to customize your favourite characters and their equipment. Choose your favourite character and start the battle.

This would be a one on one battle in which you have to defeat the opponent character. The player possesses fighting skills and special moves which can be utilised with different buttons combinations. You have to attack the opponent and try to finish his health points in order to win the battle. And you also got some defensive and dodging skills to defend the attacks of opponents. You will earn experience points and rewards on winning the battle.

You can play an Injustice 2 game online with your friends. In this mode you can play leagues and win battles against the enemies and their bosses to get rewards and new gears. Injustice 2 game is available for XBox, Playstation, Windows PC and as well as on the mobile phone. You can download the game for free from Google play store and App store to play on the mobile phone.

The characters of the Injustice 2 game are categorized into six groups.

The leading heros in the group S are Batman and Darkseid. They are the best of the best. Highly recommended by the seasoned players. The most prominent characters in group A are Black Adam and Cyborg. These heroes are also very good and well balanced. The main heroes in group B are Robin and Firestorm. They are strong but have some minimal flaws.

The leading characters in the group C are Green Arrow and Superman. These characters are a little difficult to handle. The most prominent heroes in group D are Catwoman and Wonder Woman. Some of the heroes in group F are Black Canary and Cheetah. They are least bothered.

Tier S

BatmanDarkseidDeadshotSupergirlThe FlashCaptain Cold

Tier A

Black AdamCyborgBrainiacScarecrowHarley QuinnDr. Fate

Tier B

RobinFirestormGorilla GroddThe JokerBlue BeetlePoison Ivy

Tier C

Green ArrowSupermanAquamanSwamp ThingGreen LanternBane

Tier D

CatwomanWonder WomanAtrocitus

Tier F

Black CanaryCheetah


Darkseid is a male legendary character of the Injustice 2 game. He is a very strongly built hero who attacks the enemies with his damaging strikes. Darkseid can restore his health during the battle and has got the ability to summon Parademons. The skills of summoned parademons depends on the stats percentage of Darkseid. They will be a part of your team and attack the enemies during the fight. Darkseid fires Omega beams on his opponents that throws them away in the air and then he catches them up to kill. 


Batman is the leading character of this game. He moves quickly towards the enemies by using his hook and returns back after hitting them with a kick. Batman has the ability to place the smoke bomb that will deal massive damage to the opponents. He possesses many gadgets to attack, that is the reason why he is known as a gadget user. He throws the enemies straight up in the air with the help of a gadget and then kills them with weapons. Batman is the most powerful and damaging character who proves to be a nightmare for his opponents. 


Supergirl is a cousin sister of the legendary superman. She has a vast range of fighting combos and the enemies keep guessing about her next attack. Supergirl is almost as damaging as the superman. She has the ability to fly in the air and attack the enemies with her damaging strikes. She deals great damage with her excellent ranged attacks. The laser firing skill of Supergirl gives her a huge benefit during the fight. All these skills are enough to quickly counter the opponents and that makes Supergirl a very useful character in the game.

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