Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Soul Calibur 6 is an action fighting game that was released in 2018. It is the seventh game in the Soul Calibur game series. There are more than 20 fighter characters in the game. Some of them are downloadable, you can download them if needed. Along with this some new fighters are also introduced for the first time in the series. Soul Calibur 6 game gives you an option to completely customize your fighters, you can choose their costume according to your liking. The fighters are equipped with some weapons to battle against the enemies.

Some new defensive and attacking features are added into the game. For example, slow motion feature, this gives you an option to block and avoid the attacks of the opponent fighter. Soul Calibur 6 is a complete story based game, every character carries his story. There are several stages in the game. Once you complete a stage you will be headed on to the next one and will be given some rewards.

You can play Soul Calibur 6 online with the players sitting all over the globe. Soul Calibur 6 game is available for Windows PC, XBox and PlayStation. And it is supposed to be the best game of the series because of its ultimate graphics and sound effects.

The characters of the Soul Calibur 6 game are categorized into five groups.

The leading hero in the group S is Inferno. He has excellent move sets and recovery skills. These are the first picks of the players. The most prominent characters in group A are Ivy and Nightmare. They are not as strong as the S tier but still very handy in the game.

The main heroes in group B are Astaroth and Azwel. They may perform well in some situations. The leading characters in the group C are Maxi and Raphael. Some of the characters in group D are Voldo and Zasalamel. These fighters are not recommended.

Tier S


Tier A


Tier B


Tier C


Tier D



Ivy is the most prominent and popular character in the Soul Calibur 6 game. She can  target the enemy from a distance. The name of her primary weapon is IvyBlade which is a unique and lethal sword. Ivy can tear the opponents in parts with the help of her Ivy Blade. She is considered as the most damaging and advanced character in the game. Her main motive is to counter the Soul Edge.


Seong is ranked higher than other characters because of her excellent ranged attacks. She really dominates the game with her long ranged strikes while keeping far away from the enemies. Her hits throw them away more and she gets a little breathing space. The main weapon of Seong is Zanbatou that helps her to provide massive damage to the opponents. She is a very useful character because of her ranged attacks. You can pick her up in any team combination because she has all the abilities to win you even the toughest of the battles. 


Sophitia is a very aggressive character who excels in close ranged attacks. She has got rapid moves as she lunges forward to impose her lethal attacks on the enemies. Sophitia’s fiance has made a special sword and shield for her. She uses them for the continuous attacks on the opponents while repelling them forward. Sophitia has the ability to launch her enemies into the air and then throw her sword upward to deal a great amount of damage. This is a very devastating attack that reduces the health points very quickly. Sophitia is known for her ferocious close ranged attacks.

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