Auto Chess Tier List

Auto Chess is a strategy video game which was released in 2019. Auto Chess is an online multiplayer chess game that can be played between eight players. Every player will have his own character in the game which has health points and gold. This gold can be earned by winning the games and you can get new chess pieces with the gold. This will improve your chess board and you will be able to win more and more games. The chess boards are provided to every player. When the game starts your chess pieces will automatically battle against the opponents.

As you win matches and make your progress in the game, the character levels will also increase. Auto chess games give you the feature of player ranking. The result of every match will affect his ranking list. It will keep changing after every chess match. The player who won the match can replace the player at top of him in the ranking list. The number one player in the ranking list will be awarded with rewards and gifts. You can download Auto Chess for free from Google play store and Apple app store.

The characters of the Auto Chess game are categorized into seven groups.

The leading characters in the group S are Disruptor and Tidehunter. They are the top choices of the player, very versatile and powerful. The most prominent heroes in group A are Techies and Lone Druid. These units are worthy picks, they will be handful in the game. The main characters in group B are Alchemist and Treant.

The top characters in group C are Luna and Witch Doctor. They are just average units. Some of the characters in the group D are Phantom Assassin and Omniknight. The most prominent heroes in group E are Sniper and Slark. These units are below average. Some of the characters in the group F are Morphling and Lina. These are weakest in the game.

Tier S

DisruptorTidehunterBeastmasterKunkkaBounty HunterAxeEnigma

Tier A

TechiesLone DruidDoomShadow FiendLichTimbersawQueen of PainMedusaGyrocopter

Tier B

AlchemistTreantDragon KnightAnti-MageRazorTroll WarlordSlardarClockwerkTemplar Assassin

Tier C

LunaWitch DoctorChaos KnightPuckEnchantressViperTerror BladeNecrophos

Tier D

Phantom AssassinWindrangerOmniknightOgre MagiAbaddonBatriderLycanTusk

Tier E

SniperSlarkShadow ShamanDrow RangerTinkerFurionKeeper of the Light

Tier F

MorphlingLinaSand KingTinyVenomancerCrystal Maiden

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