Iron Saga Tier List

Iron Saga is a role playing battle game which was developed by the Chinese developers. The full english version of Iron Saga was released for the role playing game lovers in 2018. The main characters in Iron Saga are pilots and mechas. You have to make a team of pilots and mechas. There are more than 500 characters in the Iron Saga game. After making the team you have to battle against the opponent and try to kill them all. Assign the position to the characters to fight the battles.

You must explore the area. The game consists of different chapters and stages. On completing every stage you will be rewarded with gifts, gold and some other items which will result in increasing your level. You can earn bonuses by playing Iron Saga with your friends. The game has different modes. You can play any mode at any time.

Iron Saga is a free to install game available on Google play store and Apple app store.

The characters of the Iron Saga game are categorized into three groups.

The leading characters in the group SS are Vassago G and Baal. They are the best fighters with the highest number of kills worldwide. The most prominent characters in the group SS are Valkyrie AC and Ling Tong. They are almost as good as the SS tier characters. The main heroes in group S are Valkyrie A and Dou Jiang. These characters are not good performers.

Tier SSS

VassagoUnknown5400896.4×7.6Starter (Duplicates cannot be obtained)
Vassago GSolomon Industrial56001016.4×7.6100 Superalloy Z (Duplicates cannot be obtained)
BaalSolomon Industrial61201266.4×7.6Solar Wings Medal
AgaresSolomon Industrial61201016.3×7.6Sun Badge
Agares RS
PaimonSolomon Industrial62401016.4×8.0Grand Gods(Ch28)
Paimon GS
Paimon Boxing Version(Ch30-6) (Cha24) Grand Gods(Ch28)
Paimon Sword Version(Cha22) Loyal General(Ch22-23) Grand Gods(Ch28)
Paimon Cannon Version(Ch1-2) (Cha15) Grand Gods(Ch28)
AstarothSun Badge
Astaroth AS
BelialAce in the Union(Ch6)
Belial DS
B.A.T SamuraiSolar Wings Medal
Artemis μ
ShamashGrand Sand Sea(Ch5-10)
BrunhildeSolar Wings Medal
Valkyrie SRosy Tri-Stars(Ch25-30)
Valkyrie SC
ThorSolar Wings Medal

Tier SS

Valkyrie AC
Ling TongHarsh Bai Hu(Ch26) (Ch20-6)

Tier S

Valkyrie A(Ch2-6) (Cha2) Bounty Hunter Sisters(Ch2-4) Rosy Tri-Stars(Ch25-30)
Valkyrie R(Ch4-6) Bounty Hunter Sisters(Ch2-4) Rosy Tri-Stars(Ch25-30)
Dou Jiang
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