Top 5 Best Jailbreak Tips And Tricks

In this guide, you will get to know about the top five best jailbreak tips and tricks found in the February update to get money in a faster way. And it will also help you play better.

#5 Multiple Train Robbery

For this first trick, you have to get yourself any fast and controllable vehicle. It is recommended to use the volt bike if you own the vehicle currently.

Once you have your vehicle, head over to the passenger train spawn. Wait for the passenger train to spawn at 10:30 PM.

Once the train spawns, you will need to go to any car and break your way inside. Then collect all the items left in the car until you are full.

After that, head outside and spawn or get the same vehicle once again. Once spawned, make your way over to the volcano base and turn the bag in. Try to get around quickly for the trick to have a much better result, but once the bag is turned in, make your way back to the train and rob it again. You have to keep robbing the train as many times as you can before it leaves the map. Also, if your last train car does not give a full bag, still turn it in. Waiting for the front car to open is a waste of time since it will open later. But once the smaller bag is turned in, head back and collect the front cases.

Once again, you want to keep doing this until the train is fully gone. After turning in the last bag, you can rob the train four times.

This trick is very useful to do since you can get around 12k four times.

#4 Insane Bank Floor Skip

For this next tip, you have to get yourself a flintlock from any gun shop. You should also get the forcefield launcher just in case this fails.

Once you have both items, you will need to make your way to the bank and start it. Once the robbery starts, head downstairs, but don’t explode the doors open.

Instead, zoom into the first person and equip the flintlock. Once in the first person, you will need to line yourself up as close to the edge as possible.

Next, you want to fire the flintlock and sprint back at the same time. You will be able to skip over the section easily.

This tip is very useful to finish the robbery faster since there is no waiting. You can also use this on your way out of the vault to exit the bank. Just remember to also run back at the same time, or you fall.

#3 Double Jetpack Fuel

To do this next trick, you will need to get yourself a jetpack. Once you have a jetpack, you have to use up all the fuel currently inside.

Once empty on fuel, wait until you can refill again.

Once you can refill, use your jetpack and open the refill menu. Next, you have to use your jetpack once again so the refill button shows.

Now, quickly refill your jetpack with any fuel and press the button. After that, use your jetpack until you are almost out. When it is about empty, you will need to stop using the jetpack and fall to the ground; press the refill button, and have another full jetpack. This trick is very useful to do since you can get more fuel for flying. However, if you run out of fuel, you will need to land and wait once again. Although you have to wait, you are still able to travel further and higher with it.

#2 Infinite Keycards

For this next tip, you will need to find any police inside or out of prison. Once you find any police, you have to pickpocket them until you get a keycard.

After that, make your way to the main building and go to your cell. If you don’t know where your cell is, just reset your character, hold the card and store it in any drawer inside your cell.

Once stored, you will need to make your way upstairs and pickpocket another. Once you have another card, repeat doing this until all drawers are full of cards.

Once stored, you will need to make your way upstairs and pickpocket another. Once you have another card, repeat doing this until all drawers are full of cards. This tip is very useful since you can have a keycard just in case you are arrested. It makes it a great way to escape the prison faster with weapons. But if you do get arrested, don’t worry since you have cards. You can just grab a keycard early without stealing it.

#1 Max Power Plant Value

You have to make your way over to the power plant as a criminal for this final trick.

Once there, you have to hack the outside computer and make your way downstairs.

You will need to have another player inside the power plant also. Once downstairs, open the main computer but don’t start hacking.

Instead, finish the obby to escape and exit the power plant building. Once outside the robbery, head to your vehicle and drive to the volcano base. You don’t need to drive to the volcano base, but it will be better. Once here, finish hacking the computer and get the uranium. You can have max value uranium all the way here.

This trick is very useful to do since you can always rob for the max money. But now, wait until the value drops to 6000 before turning the uranium in. Once it reaches 6000, turn it in and collect your max money from the robbery.

You can collect the max amount of money without rushing. This trick is very insane since you can always find up with the max money. Just remember to have a friend or random player still inside the robbery.

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