Mediocre, the indie Swedish developers who brought you Does Not Commute! and Smash Hit introduce their latest title: PinOut. As an Arcade classic with a mobile twist, PinOut relives the thrill of the Pinball machine in the palm of your hand. The game is nostalgic for those who remember the 1995 PC relic Full Tilt Pinball, featuring futuristic levels decked in glowing neon and new-age techno tunes keeping the beat.

True to a real Pinball machine, the object of PinOut is to beat your own high score. If it sounds a little mundane, there are additional elements such as mini-games to keep it interesting and set it apart from the sea of other Arcade titles.


Your score is determined by how far you travel through the endless levels before the timer runs out. Players start with 60 seconds, but can gain additional time by collecting the white dots scattered throughout the map. The game is plentiful with their placement, so you can keep on rollin’ without worrying about time.

Level Maps

Each level is uniquely reminiscent of a Hot Wheels racetrack, glowing neon colors as you whiz by. There’s always two or more alternate routes for you to explore and new avenues to find. Players will need to replay to discover everything.

Secrets To Find

Besides the twisting, winding curves of the track, other goodies can be found. Power-ups and mini-games abound to break up the monotony of pinging balls and the thump of paddles, adding crazy visual effects with their activation. Collect them to win extra seconds!


It’s easy to see what makes this game so addictive! And, if you think the graphics look good here, they’re reportedly just as amazing on tablet or your phone.

What I really love the most about this game is that it’s simple, but never plain. I feel like Mediocre has breathed new life into the past of video game history, and maybe instilled the love of arcade in new enthusiasts while giving it a modern flair. And with the reception PinOut has gotten within it’s first week of launch, I think it’s fair to say the developers have yet another hit on their hands.

So if you’re looking for a bare-bones game with plenty of substance to find, or maybe you just want a little taste of your old pinball glory, look no further – PinOut has you covered.

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