Places to Farm the WoW 300% Experience Potion

This guide explains the method to farm the elixir of ancient knowledge. The experience potion plays a key role in doing so. The complete method with details is mentioned below regarding farming the elixir of ancient knowledge.

You can farm the Elixir of ancient knowledge in 3 ways. This experience potion will give you more than 300% experience for one hour until you reach level 84. If you have a rapid mind or looks then it might be plus 600%. The first place where you can get it is grand in Draenor. There are more or less 9 rares.

There has been a drop rate of 30% for the bag which is digested to some extent. The bag might be having a chance of containing around 31% of the elixir of ancient knowledge but it is hard to find it. In between this process you can actually make some gold. as each rare, that gets killed drop an epic sort of item so you can go and turn it in.

If you get a partially digested bag then there is a good chance for you to get 1 to 5 grey/wood items. It is recommended to get handy notes and handy notes treasures add ons. The first method completes here.

The name of the second one is Krol the Blade. It is a rare stone in Pandaria having a chance of 10% regarding dropping the potion. It is almost impossible to farm it as there are many people trying to camp it. It basically has a spawn time of 30 to 50 minutes.

The third one is Archiereus of the Flame. It has a chance of just 2% dropping the elixir of ancient knowledge. You have to follow the location on the map. This is just an item you buy for 500 timeless coins and you can only loot him once a day per character. This character is a bit easy to kill and it just dodges a bit and tries to stun you on the ground.

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