“Planned Ahead” Trophy Guide – GTA 3

It is a complete guide for the “Planned Ahead” trophy in Grand Theft Auto 3. 

Missable Trophy #3

For this trophy, you have to kill Lee Chong by rigging his car with a bomb during Joey’s second mission, farewell “Chunky’ Lee Chong.

Farewell “Chunky” Lee chong’

Lee Chong has two perennials parked just outside Chinatown; he will use one of them depending on where the player approaches him.

You have to take one of his cars to 8-Ball’s shop and rig it with a bomb.

After that, head back to Chinatown, put the car back where it was, and activate the bomb.

Now approach Lee Chong from the opposite side to use the car rigged with the bomb.

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