Pocket Ninja Codes 2022

Pocket Ninja is a role-playing game for mobile phones. It features many ninja characters; you have to recruit them to make your squad and send them to battle against the enemies. You have to make different strategies and lead your team into the battle.

Active Codes

ALN1P91MUse it to get 6-Star Capsule, Chakra Pill, Elite Gem Chest


AL2QYDOYUse it to get 6-Star Ninja Egg, 1x Chakra Pill, 1x Elite Gem Chest
ALQWEVHEUse it to get 200 Medals, 3x Common Duo, 1x God Tree Fruit
ALY98SZPUse it to get 5-Star Common Capsule & 5-Star Medal

How to Redeem Codes

Open the Pocket Ninja app and tap on the blue button. This will bring you to a menu. Tap on Settings and enter in this code. Tap Claim to get your reward.

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