Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes 2023 (Updated)

Pokémon Sword and Shield is a role playing video game that was released in 2019 for the game players all over the world.  This game is specially designed for Nintendo Switch. Pokémon Sword and Shield revolves around a Pokémon trainer who wants to become the Pokémon champion of the world.  The game introduces many new Pokémon for the first time. Catch and train Pokémon’s to fight against the Pokémon’s of other trainers.  

Active Codes

No codes are available at the moment.

Expired Codes

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How To Redeem Pokémon Sword and Shield Codes?

In order to redeem the Pokémon Sword and Shield codes, you’ll have to follow the following steps:  

  1. Go to the main menu of the game. 
  2. And tap on the “Mystery Gift”.
  3. This will take you to a new screen and you need to click on the “Get a mystery” button.
  4. And then tap on the Password button.
  5. Enter your code and get an immediate output. 
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