Pro Chou Tips & Tricks Mobile Legends

This guide will provide you with all the pro tips and tricks for Chou in Mobile Legends. It will explain everything you need to know about Chou.


Chou’s passive states that after moving some distance, his next basic attack deals extra damage.

To make it clear, it indicates his passiveness. 

All of his skins have that animation; it also slows down enemies by 80 percent. 

First skill

In his first skill, Chou kicks 3 times, and the third kick knocks enemies up.

This skill also resets the cooldown of his second skill (shunpo). This knock-up will reset his second skill cooldown.

He also increases physical penetration and gets a shield after dashing.

Second skill

Chou dashes and becomes immune to crowd control during the dash.


Chou kicks the enemy and knocks them up. 

There are two types to use his ultimate.

First: He kicks an enemy far away.  

Second: Chou kicks an enemy at a short distance. 


You will always need to use his passive. 

Combo 1: 1+BA+2+BA+1+BA+1+2+ULT

Combo 2: 1+1+2+BA+1+ULT

Combo 3: 1+1+2+1+ULT+2+ULT

Combo 4: 1+1+FLICKER +ULT+1

Combo 5: 1+1+FLICKER +1+ ULT+ULT

Build, Emblem and Spell

You can use the assassin emblem. You have to make sure to max out the boost for the fast rotation.

Also, the penetration will help you deal more damage. 

For the talent emblem, you can use “High and Dry”. 

For the spell, it is recommended to use “FLICKER”. 

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