Pro Lancelot Tips & Tricks – Mobile Legends

In this guide, you will get pro tips and tricks for Lancelot in Mobile Legends. It will explain everything you need to know about Pro Lancelot.


How to activate his passive?

If Lancelot uses any dash or a dash skill, you can activate his passive.  

Every dash increases his damage by 10 percent and can be stacked up to 3 times.

Remember it can only be activated with dash skills or any dash. You can only activate it by using his ultimate and first skill.

It cannot be triggered with his 2nd skill. Not only dash skills, but any dash can activate his passive. Flicker can also give one stack. 


If Lancelot hits a target with the first skill, the cooldown will reset. 

If you hit a target that doesn’t have a marker, the cooldown of your first skill will reset.

If you hit a target with a marker, the cooldown will not reset; it won’t reset your first skill if you hit the target twice.

The marker lasts 5 seconds; the cooldown will reset if you hit the target again after the marker disappears.


Lancelot’s second skill deals a huge amount of damage, but it can also be immune to crowd control and damage. 

You will notice that there are 3 triangles on Lancelot’s 2nd skill. 

Each triangle deals damage; if the enemy is on 1 triangle, they will receive 1 damage.

Deals small amounts of damage.

Same thing on the right side, a small amount of damage (1 triangle). And when they are inside 2 triangles, they will also receive twice damage. Higher damage than the first one (2 triangles).

You will see that the damage is higher if the enemy hits in the middle of your second skill. 


It is how you secure buffs when getting invaded second skill and retribution. 


Lancelot’s ultimate is his deadliest skill. With this skill, he charges for a short moment dashing forward dealing high physical damage.

It can also be immune to some crowd control and damage.

Diggie’s second skill: 

Khufu’s second skill:

The only hero you can’t be immune to is Sylvana’s ultimate.

Build, Emblem and spell

You can use the assassin emblem, of course.

You have to make sure to max out boots for the fast rotation. 

The penetration will also help you deal more damage. 

For the talent emblem, you can use ‘Killing Spree’.

‘Retribution’ is recommended for all assassin heroes.

It is the build that is used most of the time, and it works pretty well. 

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