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American Fugitive is an open-world single player action game developed by Fallen Tree Games. It is classic sandbox at its best. American Fugitive is inspired by old school GTA. The game is set in the 1980s and combines elements from classic movies and old games but with very advanced modern graphics.

The Story takes place in a town called Redrock County, a town where crime is booming. The story depicts a tale of revenge, vengeance, and corruption with players assuming the role of Will Riley, a son wrongly accused of his father’s brutal murder and has been sent to jail.

Shortly after the game starts, you find yourself escaping jail and on the run. Will Riley is seeking revenge for the murder of his father. He has to make connections with the underworld, do everything he can to avoid getting recaptured, and embrace the life of a felon until he is proven innocent. The story then moves forward following the classic pattern of the old classic movies but manages to remain interesting.

The game teaches you the essentials like how to engage in combat and how to move around in the beginning and after that, you are off to the races. The game is very well optimized and manages to stay buttery smooth even when there is a lot of on-screen action. The game’s implements mechanics similar to the classic GTA but with a unique taste of its own. You are encouraged to play safely as everything you do is reported and has repercussions. The game implements real life escape strategies like altering your disguise and hiding in a building for some time. The cops operate on a star rank system, the more laws you break, the more cops will be sent for you. It is easier to escape low star rank than high star ranks.

The AI implemented and pace of the game are some of the things that leave you wanting more but the fluid gameplay, stunning graphics and interesting storyline more than make up for the shortcomings.

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2 reviews for American Fugitive

  1. Kaelan

    Complex game

  2. Kigen

    Good graphics!

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