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ATLAS is a multiplayer survival game which was released in 2018. You are present on a strange island named ATLAS, where you have to fight for your survival. You have to find food in order to kill your hunger. You can eat fruits, fishes or any edible item you found on the island. Along with this you must drink some amount of water to stay alive. Because if you remain hungry and thirsty for a long time you may lose your health points. In this case, the player can die and the game will be all over.

There would be some other players present on the island, they will try to kill you. You have to protect yourself from their attacks or you may kill them. At the start of the game you will be given two options either to play in the player versus player mode or just try to survive against the environment. You can choose any one of them to start the game.

You must explore the island and try to find the hidden treasures. If you find some, collect it and become a pirate. The players have the option of customization. You can customize the character into a pirate. You have to construct a big ship in order to get out of the island by sailing that ship. You can use the pieces of wood or any other thing in the making of a ship. There are some non playing characters there on the island, you can make them friends and they will help you out to make a big ship. After making the ship you can sail off from the island to explore other areas. Take all the treasure you find and steal them from other sailing ships in the sea. In multiplayer mode you can play ATLAS with up to eight friends of yours.

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2 reviews for ATLAS

  1. Barbra

    Gets boring after 10 hours!

  2. Ant_17

    Decent game

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