Balloon Girl


Balloon Girl is an action flying adventure game that is specially designed for the girls. The Balloon Girl game was released in 2019. There are four playable characters available in the game. You can choose any one of them to start the game. The Balloon Girl game provides you with the features to customize your characters. You can choose their costume and hair style as you wish to. The game is based on different levels.

There are more than fifty levels in the game. You will be asked to collect the magic balls in every level. This would be your major objective to win the game. During the exploration, you have to face many enemies out there in the game world and you have to protect the collected balloons from these enemies. You have to proceed in the game by collecting the balloons as this is the major objective of the Balloon Girl game.

You will be headed on to the next level after completing the one. Balloon Girl is a very unique and adventurous game that can be purchased from Steam.


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