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Blasphemous is an action adventure game being released in 2019. The game is presented in a fantasy world of ancient times. In a Blasphemous game, you have to explore the area with your character. There are many enemies in the area, you have to fight against them. Your character possess weapons and great fighting skills to do so.

You can tear them into pieces by your sword. The fighting skills of the character will be enhanced and improved as you proceed in the game. Along with killing the enemies, You have to avoid their attacks to stay alive in the game. Otherwise the game will be over for you. Some of the player skills and abilities are locked that can be unlocked later in the game.

You have got the option to restore your health points. You can rest at a particular location for a time being, this will help in restoring the health points. There would be many collectible things in the game field that may be some kind of bonuses. You have to pick all the collectible items you find in your way during the adventure. This will have a bigger impact at the later parts of the game. Blasphemous can be played on PC, Playstation and Xbox. The adventures and swords fighting in the game will surely entertain you.

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  1. Ace

    My eyes are hurting after 10 hours of straight gameplay!

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