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Battle for Enlor is a strategy battling game that was released in 2017. There are eight main characters in the game, every character comes with unique abilities and skills. You have to make the strongest and the best team out of them. After picking up the team, you will fight against the enemies and strange creatures in the game by using different tactics and strategies.

You must make a complete strategy before entering into the battle. There are two playing modes in the Battle for Enlor game. In the campaign mode, you will fight with enemies and their bosses. As you defeat one boss, new bosses will be unlocked. In the survival mode, you have to fight with the bosses one by one and try to survive as long as you can.

These fights would be a turn based battle in which you will be given equal time to take the enemies down. Just kill all of them in order to protect your Kingdom. Battle for Enlor is available to play on Linux and Windows PC.

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