Beat Rush

Published on: October 2, 2022


Beat Rush is a strategy musical racing game that was released in the year 2020. You will take control of an airship in the Beat Rush game. This airship has the ability to fly over a special kind of platform. You have the option to completely customize and upgrade your airship. While flying over the platform, you have to face many hurdles. But you have to overcome them and continue flying.

You must have to collect the blue points coming on your way. These blue points will help you to upgrade your air vessel. The Beat Rush game is based on different levels. Every level is being played with a background sound track. The air vessel will speed up as you proceed the levels and as a result the game will become more difficult. You have to dodge the hurdles on your way, otherwise your vessel may damage.

Collect the points in order to revert the damage being done to your spaceship. You have to survive on the platform and continue flying until the background track sends. You will win the game this way. You can play the Beat Rush game on your computer systems.