Brinca Palabras

In this simple and easy Spanish learning game, the players have to make new spellings by jumping Fibi on different platforms. Learn the spelling rules at the start and then make new spellings with the help of hints.

Price: Free!


Brinca Palabras is a free to play casual game being released worldwide in 2020. It is a Spanish language learning game that can teach you many new words in Spanish. There are a total of 42 levels in the game in which you have to make new words with the help of hints coming from Fibi.

You will learn the rules and proceed to the higher levels to make new words out of the hints. For this, you need to jump Fibi on the platform with the correct spelling. You will earn points and prizes after smacking the perfect spellings.  Brinca Palabras game can be downloaded anytime for free from the Apple app store and it is only compatible with a mobile phone having an IOS version of 10.0 or more.