Centaur Hunter

Kill all the predators in the Centaur Hunter game. Take the role of a hunter and find hidden gold stars after bringing the opponents down. Centaur Hunter is a “free to play” action game for IOS devices.

Price: Free!

Published on: October 1, 2022


Centaur Hunter is an action game being released worldwide in 2015. You will play as a hunter who is equipped with bow and arrows to take the opponents down. You can fire the arrows to kill the opposing predators. Enemies are there on almost every step of yours and the game will get difficult as you proceed further in it. You have the option to play the practice mode in order to improve your skills.

Kill all the predators and collect gold stars. You will earn points as a reward after taking the enemies down and you must try to score more to place yourself on the game’s leaderboard. The top scorers from all around the world feature on this list. Centaur Hunter is a top rated arrow shooting game that can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store and you must have a mobile phone with IOS version 8.0.0 or more to play the game.