City of Rott: Streets of Rott


City of Rott: Streets of Rott is an arcade action fighting game being released in 2017. There are 3 unique characters in the game, their skills and moves are different from one another. You can play the practice mode at the start to learn these skills. You have the option to choose the difficulty level on your own. When the game starts, you have to battle against a huge number of zombies and monsters out there in the city.

Your character will be equipped with weapons to counter the enemies and you will get more weapons after making progress in the game. There are a total eight challenging levels and three will be a monster boss at the end of each level. Kill the enemy boss and head on to the next level. City of Rott: Streets of Rott also provides you the feature to use some vehicles, you can kill the enemies while riding a vehicle.

Kill every zombie to restore the peace of the city. City of Rott: Streets of Rott game is designed with HD graphics and animations and you can play this game on your Mac, Linux or Windows PC.