Destiny 2: Beyond Light


Published on: October 1, 2022
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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is the fifth expansion pack for Destiny 2, a first-person action RPG developed by Bungie. 

The expansion maintains most of the gameplay of the original game while adding refinements and upgrades to the overall experience. You are assigned the role of a guardian who can use a power called Light to gain superhuman abilities including the ability to regenerate. Before Beyond Light, there were three main elemental powers including Solar, Arc and Void. This expansion introduces a fourth power called Stasis. While the former three are rooted in light, Stasis is rooted in Darkness and can cause ice and cold based damage. Each of the main classes of the game including Warlock, Titan and Hunter have been upgraded with stasis abilities and you can have an active character from each of these classes at the same time. Your objective with these characters is to improve their overall Power level which is a measure of the quality of equipment, weapons and gear collected by the player. Levelling up allows you to take on more challenging as well as rewarding missions in the game. 

The game makes several significant changes to the gameplay in addition to the under the hood performance improvements. The in-game player’s ghost, that aids them to respawn when they die, can now be completely customized with modifications. The game now gives all the non-exotic weapons and gear a Power Infusion Cap which limits their abilities in the activities that require a higher power level. The game’s hybrid Gambit mode now features a single round Gambit Prime mode instead of the three round mode. 

Another new feature introduced in the game is the quest archive kiosk in the tower. This kiosk allows you to access your abandoned quests. Additionally, it also give you access to the new player questline. You can also get your hands on another exotic archive allowing you to purchase pinnacle, exotic and pursuit weapons from different areas in the game world. These weapons however cost butt loads of in-game currency to obtain. Other notable changes include the addition of two new locations known as Europa and Earth’s Cosmodrome. However, Mercury, Mars, Lo, Leviathan Ship and Titan and all their associated campaigns have been removed.

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