Dropwars: Defense Kingdom Wars

Are you ready to use your idle defense war skills to fight against enemy invasion? Will you like to protect the tower during an intense, bloody battle arena? Brace yourself to enter the most challenging TD games you have ever played online.

Price: Free

Published on: October 1, 2022


Defense Simulator Game
Have you got the guts needed to face the enemy invasion and defeat the villains? Use your TD games skills to overcome the enemy invasion attack and participate in the battle arena for winning. Whether you are a pro at deciding the right strategy war plan or you want to polish your war skills to become the ultimate action role-playing game-winner, Dropwars is the perfect game for you to serve all your fantasies.

Strategy War Hero Legends
Step foot into the world of brutal strategy war action adventure where the enemy invasion is ready to kill all your heroes. But as a devoted team of hero legends, you must stay heroic and use your acumen to defeat the bloody enemy. You will be given only a limited number of chances to defeat the villain in the tower defense game. Protect the kingdom at all costs and continue to kill all enemies to complete action role-playing missions.
Win New TD Games Missions
Experience the satisfaction of destroying your enemy in the kingdom wars with your perfect war strategy. Overcome your fears and find the perfect plan to execute your legendary heroes for idle tower defense. The tactical battle simulator game has a complete lineup of exciting missions for you, where you get to face enemies of all kinds. You must stand your ground and use your defense simulator game experience to fight against the invaders and secure your kingdom’s territory.
Unlock new Heroes and Rewards
Double the fun of this action-adventure game simply by completing missions and earning rewards! The more missions you complete successfully, the more rewards, powerups and heroes you can win to improve the position of your kingdom in the battle. Play and win as many missions as you can to build a strong enemy for the protection of the kingdom.
Features of Dropwars – Kingdom Wars Simulator
• Simple and easy to play TD games UI/UX
• Current version with 120 basic levels and 5 levelless dragon fights.
• An immersive action role-playing game in a real war zone
• Enter the idle defense war and kill all your enemies
• Swear to protect the idle tower and give it all to protect the towers
• Challenging tactical battle simulator game featuring legendary heroes, new missions, cool powerups and exciting rewards
Ready to explore the exciting tactical battle simulator game? Download and play Dropwars – Defense Kingdom Wars today!